Friday, 29 March 2013

Getting fit…

Being Good Friday, it feels a bit like a Saturday so I weren’t going to do a blog today because I like to give my loyal readers a rest at the weekend. Plus, I’m quite busy at the weekend and anytime I do get on the computer, I spend adding to the scripts I am currently writing. Another excuse is that to get most of my blogging material, I need to go out and what with the weather, I’ve stayed in mostly. I went to watch the Arsenal Under 19’s on Monday night but apart from being freezing, nothing of interest happened.

So, I thought I’d take the time to update you on the fitness regime I started in January. The Tottenham diet A.K.A. the 5 2 diet sounds ridiculous but it is actually working really well for me. My beer belly has visibly gone down and it is so easy. I can eat whatever for 5 days and then only 600 Calories for 2. I admit it sounds absurd but it works. On my fast days, I can just think I can eat a chocolate bar tomorrow without feeling guilty. It’s a bit like a carrot on a stick.

As well as the diet, I’m also continuing to workout which involves using weights, pushing myself or going down the park to use the outdoor gym. It is definitely working, as I am feeling a lot stronger. This does not just mean I find it easier to use my manual wheelchair but also helps with transferring into cars. I also have a protein shake to build up my muscles. Soon I’ll have some abs and pecks to show off. Hopefully, the ladies will like because that is what I’m doing it for after all…nah, I’m not going to get a ripped body…but I am trying to impress ladies.

I would like to be able to tense my bicep and it pops up like a cartoon. I’d also like more votes (such a smooth link). I woke up to see I have broke the 300 mark this morning so I’ve had a brilliant week but let’s cement me in that 5th place by the time I return on Monday. Just enter your E-Mail and remember to confirm.

Right, I’m off to finish my protein shake and pump some iron as they say.

Bye for now!

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