Thursday, 14 March 2013

What is this?

I’ve been promoting this blog a lot recently in the hope that I can rack up more votes for the BBX. I made a poster that I sent around to my neighbours, have tweeted non-stop about it, include a daily reminder on here and even had an article begging for votes printed in my local paper, out today. So, a big hello and welcome to all my new readers who have been directed to this blog via the Herts Advertiser or the like.

Please go back and read over my past posts but if anyone is perhaps confused why I call myself ‘Wheelchair Boy’. Basically, I am a writer who was looking for a unique subject to blog about and the most obvious thing distinguishing me from everyone else is my disability. The term ‘Wheelchair Boy’ is not a name that I used to be called (however, people do refer to me by that because of the blog) but it is more of a comment on society. How people see me and seem to think when meeting a disabled person.

The ‘Adventures’ part of the title has sort of made a rod for my own back (ironic because I have two supporting my spine). I set out to write about all the interesting stories in my life but sometimes (like today), I struggle to think what to write about and end up having to fill with trivial posts about films. But, what I am trying to do with the posts that are related to being a wheelchair user is educate and hopefully make people less ignorant.

Although the blog is less than a year old and I cannot believe the amount of readers I’ve touched with my words, I am desperate for more people to read. Travelling abroad for 10 days would be the perfect way to spread the message and make an international audience engage in the subject. If you want to help me make more people think about disability, hopefully like you do now, please vote by going to

Bye for now!

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