Thursday, 21 March 2013

My story-part 1...

The other day, one of my regular readers (you know who you are) noted that I have mentioned Friedreich’s Ataxia in previous posts, but not really explained how I became a ‘Wheelchair Boy’. So, seems as I’ve had to write up my story for the Ataxia UK charity, I thought I could share it with my great readers. Hopefully, it answers any questions on my condition and explains my journey (cue the Westlife music). It’s just a quick, whistle-stop tour of my life to now so feel free to ask questions if you want to know more.

As soon as I could start walking, my mum noticed that there was something different about me. The way that I went up the stairs seemed peculiar. Unlike the more conventional/efficient way of ascending, using one foot on each step, I was required to place both feet on each step to remain balanced. Although this isn’t uncommon in toddlers and young children, even after this stage in my life I had not progressed the way most people expected me to. 

At one parent teacher consultation meeting, the teacher told my parents how I did not seem to engage in P.E. (physical education) and was afraid of using the apparatus. One day at home, I was talking to my mum and dad normally before I suddenly dropped to the floor. My mum asked me what happened and I told her that it was a regular occurrence. This confirmed my mother’s fears that something was wrong, so she arranged to meet with the school doctor.

The school doctor believed that the symptoms meant I had a form of dyspraxia. I was then referred to see physiotherapists and occupational therapists to try and help. However, my mum was adamant that it was not purely dyspraxia to which the school doctor told her that she was being over-protective and advised her to see a psychiatrist.  My mum was furious and continued to contact GP’s and physiotherapists regarding my diagnosis, until a case of vomiting led to my eventual diagnosis of Friedreich’s Ataxia…

That is the end FOR TODAY. I’ll finish my story over the next couple I just want to build suspense and keep you coming back.

Before you do come back tomorrow, another reminder of that all-important link in case you either have amnesia or you’re a new reader, which is more likely.

Bye for now!

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