Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A ridiculous amount...

I didn’t go out on Friday night, because by the time we got out of the cinema, I just couldn’t be bothered. Incidentally, Argo is a brilliant film and well worth a watch. I’ll blog about it tomorrow unless something amazing happens in the next 24 hours. Granted, I sound like an old man, far from a young 19 year old in his physical prime (well, as prime as it will get for ‘Wheelchair Boy’) but a night out in St. Albans is not to be desired as it is just going through the motions.

All it would’ve been was my sister and I squeezing into a busy pub, her getting annoyed at drunk people for walking into me, conversation being difficult because I can’t hear, both of us not drinking because we’re lightweights and then, if we’re unlucky, finish off at Batchwood Hall. I say unlucky because (people from St. Albans will know what I mean) when you’re in town, clubbing seems like an amazing idea and it would be, but you get to Batch and it is a massive disappointment. I will definitely be going again because it seems to magically wipe my memory everytime and paint a glorious image of the perfect nightclub.

So, on Friday, I just thought we could skip to the Kebab part and come straight home. My sister parked up in the Blockbuster car park and cut through to Harry’s (I’m sitting in my room and can seriously smell chips. Torture on my diet day). Anyway, 45 minutes later and just as I was about to call her, like Batman from the shadows she emerged carrying a pile of DVD’s nearly as tall as her (not hard). I was confused and more worried about the whereabouts of our food. She then explained that she had bought £80’s worth of films for £40.

The next day, when I eventually woke up, we went back to the scene of the crime. This time I went in as well as my brother and sister. It’s a film fanatic’s dream. Blockbuster really shows the rip-off merchants that are HMV how to do a clearance sale. 21 Jump Street is an example of a relatively new release. Only £4. After 2 hours, all 3 of us had spent well over £100 collectively on DVD’s, Blu-Ray’s and Games. Quite a lot until I was sorting out my shelves on Sunday and counted 200 DVD’s and most of them, I haven’t watched. Some are still in the cellophane.

I might make another mission for me. Watch a DVD every other day. That way, I’ll be able to get through my collection, so I can buy some more, and watching other peoples stories may give me some ideas.

I may have 200 (and counting) DVD’s but I haven’t got that many votes yet. See what I did there? Smooth link. That’s how I roll. Here’s that all important link so you can discretely nudge a work colleague: http://www.bigblogexchange.org/blog/72005 145 at the moment.

Bye for now!

A couple of bonus pics!

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