Monday, 18 March 2013

The Curious Case of Hotels…

I didn’t blog on Friday because we began our journey to Swansea at 12.30 and arrived at our hotel just over 4 hours later. I didn’t just randomly decide to visit South Wales, Arsenal was playing on the Saturday of course. We did go last year but mum drove there and back on the same day, which was pretty gruelling. So, being the thoughtful son I am, I booked up the Ibis for Friday night. It was OK but hotels are quite problematic, even the ‘disabled friendly’ ones.

When you’re able-bodied, there are no worries about staying in a hotel for a night because everything is basically the same. A standard toilet, bed, shower and even sink. But, everything is set-up to suit me at home so it is quite difficult in a new environment. Hotels claim to be fully accessible but, in truth, they are not prepared for a wheelchair user. I’m not saying everything should be perfectly adapted like my room because you can’t please everyone but these places should accommodate most.

The bathroom is equipped with rails and the sink is lowered but these seemed to be last minute adds on, not thought through properly. Then there’s the shower itself. I’m a bit of a hygiene freak so have to, without fail, wash before I can do anything like eat breakfast. I have a wet room at home and just wheel-in to the shower. However, at hotels, they either have a chair attached to the wall or at the Holiday Inn in Southampton, a shower with rails in a bath. How can I use either of them methods?

I’m moaning but we just about muddle on (my dad pulling a plastic chair on a towel into the shower). It’s not ideal but imagine people who are worse than me. At least, I have upper body strength and can therefore transfer (with support). I know that might not last so what then? I am stuffed is the short answer.

By the way, I am very happy because the mighty Arsenal won 2-0 (wow-another clean sheet). And no, I don’t care that you won the rugby. The only English team that will ever matter left your fine country with a win.

Votes are still coming in so thank you very much. 185 so far but obviously still want more. Let’s say 200 by the time I post tomorrow. Remember to confirm your vote by going to your inbox.

Bye for now!

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