Monday, 4 March 2013

The waiting game...

It’s been a week since I joined and not even one reply. Actually there was one, she said she was flattered by my message (I’m such a good charmer if I have time to think of something smooth to say) but had already found someone and had just come online to deactivate her account. Sweet of her to get back to me and although it wasn’t the type of response I wanted (because I’m used to them in real life), it did show that the site does work… eventually.

I don’t know if I thought it was magic but some part of me thought I would be getting to know my perfect match now. That is a ridiculous thought (and I tease my sister about living in a fantasy world) but the adverts for online dating do trick stupid people (A.K.A. me) into thinking it’s instantaneous. I just need to patient and wait for someone who is interested in me, not just the other way around like it usually is.

The main conflict I had was how to tell people about me being a ‘Wheelchair Boy’. At first, I left it out but my friend told me that the surprise could go hideously wrong and leave me upset. Especially if we arrange a date, she sees I’m disabled and then legs it (harsh but true). So, I’ve casually dropped it in my profile. It now reads ‘my friends say I have a great personality and the right girl would make me more confident to show it off. My enemies say I'll never get a date because I'm in a wheelchair...I'm joking... I don't have enemies!’ I think this is subtle and if a girl doesn’t get the full picture then, that’s not the partner I want to be honest.

The only good thing is I’ve signed up for 6 months so it would be a waste of money if I met the special one (optimistic I know) within a week. I can stretch out my search to get value for money and it makes for interesting blogs which I was I think about a lot nowadays.

Before I go, a quick update on how I’m getting on in the Big Blog Exchange. I’m 23rd with 58 votes, which means that not everyone who reads this is voting. Please click on, enter your E-Mail address and then confirm it by clicking the link in your inbox. It would make me a very happy boy.

Bye for now!

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