Thursday, 28 February 2013

Stay in control please...

Today’s post is pretty ranty (more so than usual) but the subject is something that has slightly annoyed me the last few times I’ve been out.

I’m not having a dig at dog owners because most are fine but some just need to tighten the leash and take control so that it does not run riot. The reason I’m saying this is not because I dislike dogs (although I have a slight phobia) but the amount of times I’ve been out in my electric wheelchair and nearly run one over is unreal. Not on purpose, obviously. I’m not a psycho although a vegetarian might say that I am.  But seriously, there have been times when I’m rolling along, minding my own business and then, out of nowhere, a dog runs in front of me forcing me to brake abruptly.

I’m not saying that dogs should be kept on a lead all the time but let them loose in open areas like the park. Not so they get in the way. It’s just common sense. They don’t realise the dangers of running in front of a wheelchair so owners need to take responsibility. I mean, you wouldn’t let your children run around and get in the way. Oh no…people do that a lot.

Sorry if it sounds harsh but parents need to take charge, not just because I have to dodge them but more importantly, for safety. I’ll get all the blame if a child is hurt but, like I said about dog owners, it’s ultimately the parent’s job to look after the little ones. Another problem I have with kids being free to roam is there are so many weird people out there. We’ve all seen the news. I’d suggest a dog lead for toddlers. I’ve seen it on the T.V. and it’s actually quite effective at keeping parents in control.

I’m not being horrible nor am I dictating to parents/dog owners. It’s just something for people to think about.

Bye for now!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

What am I...

Since leaving University, I have been doing a lot (and I mean A LOT) of thinking about where I want to go in life but I have to come to the conclusion that I need to pull my finger out and start doing work. I’ve said before that I am now a writer but if I am honest, I haven’t been doing as much as I’d like. This is sometimes my fault like wasting a day doing the Harlem Shake and sometimes down to Arsenal who leave me depressed. But, it’s up to me to motivate myself and that is exactly what I’m doing right now.

I’m writing this on a daily basis, obviously and I’m working on a script for T.V. but I’m remaining quite tight lipped over the contents, as I want it surprise people. I know people need proof but an artist wouldn’t show you a half-finished painting so you’ll have to wait and see. Also, I would like to write a fiction book but it’s probably best if I wait until the script is completed. I need to read more books so that I know where to start from and I need to have more concrete ideas. And no, it won’t be soft porn.

So, the blog is a good starting point and the screenplay is like a mini project but I would like to start being a proper freelance journalist as well. I want to start going out and finding stories, just like the article I done on the new Simon Pegg film. The only way I can do this is by going out and about. For example, I’m planning on going to the Fawlty Towers restaurant in the West End to write a piece about it. Not exactly ground breaking but it all helps.

Another thing I tried was setting up the ‘We Know More Than You’ blog and invited fellow writers to guest blog. However, I haven’t been too successful in finding recruits so I’ll guest write for other people instead if they want ‘Wheelchair Boy’ to invade.

Right, I stopped scriptwriting to update all those interested in my life. Back to work I must go.

Bye for now!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Think and drive...

Now, you’ve all seen the T.V. advert where the car is pulling out of a junction, the driver doesn’t notice the motorbike and an accident happens.  The campaign is aimed at increasing awareness when it comes to motorcyclists on the road. Granted, this is common cause of RTA’s (too much Casualty) and drivers need to know to look out but another thing that people don’t think of or care about is, you’ve guessed it… wheelchair users.

There has been loads of times in my life alone where drivers seem to blissfully ignorant that disabled people exist and don’t even pay attention if I get visibility angry. So, I’ll share a few things and if you drive, hopefully you’ll begin to think differently.

Firstly, believe it or not, when Traffic Wardens give you a ticket for parking across a dropped kerb, they are not being pedantic but merely enforcing a necessary rule otherwise how can I cross a road? My second point is similar but involves traffic light crossings. If there is traffic building up and the lights are about to change to red, don’t continue regardless and end up blocking me. Just stay behind the white markings (as you’re supposed to) which leaves plenty of room for pedestrians to cross, including a Wheelchair Boy,

Another thing to take into consideration is parking. Please leave space so the boot can be opened and I can be unloaded (I sound like a dishwasher). Your comeback may be “how do I know if it’s a wheelchair accessible car?” There’s two major giveaways. 1) the cars that have ramps in are normally big (our’s is like the A- Team van) and 2) there is a sign in the rear window telling you. It’s not huge but if you can’t see it, perhaps you shouldn’t be driving. Also, if there was a sign saying ‘ No parking or you’ll get clamped’, you’d soon take notice.

Hopefully, when you next park up behind a car, you’ll look for a sticker and make sure you’re not parked across a dropped kerb. Not only for me but also your wallet.

Perhaps if the blog doesn’t make drivers aware, I’ll create an advert where a car is blocking a crossing and in a fit of rage, I ram into their shiny BMW at a massive 4mph. That would be brilliant shock tactics but I’ve sort of ruined the surprise element… DAMN!

Bye for now! 

Monday, 25 February 2013

They listened... AGAIN

You’re not going to believe this but the council have took notice of me for a second time which sorts of helps put my faith back in the political system.

The story begins last May in the run-up to the local council elections. It was special to me because I was 18 in December so I was losing my voting virginity. I was excited to have my say even though people said my single vote wouldn’t make a difference. It probably didn’t but to me, it was important and I didn’t want to waste it. However, I didn’t want to vote for my favourite colour or some other trivial reason like their name. They had to be interested or doing something that affected Wheelchair Boy. I was content to research them online and then decide but my Dad insisted I should talk to them about my concerns in the local area.

It’s no secret that back in 2010 prior to the General Election, although I couldn’t vote, I was supporting the Lib Dem’s and thought that Nick Clegg should be PM. When the promises were broke and I was left with egg on my face (John Prescott style), I vowed to never vote Lib Dem but like them, this didn’t last. I’ll never forgive them but the main reason I put a cross in their box was because they were the only party who were interested in securing my vote. Labour or the Tories didn’t bother to come around my house and listen

Fred Wartenburg and Martin Frearson even took the time to walk with me so I could show them a particular path near my house, which is in awful order. You could argue that is the least that councillors should be doing but they were the only one’s who earned my vote. The answer regarding the state of the pavements was pretty standard. The budget for the year had already been allocated to projects such as the now infamous cycling path in the park. They said it was unlikely the potholes would be filled because of the cost. But, I expected it and at least they gave me an answer that let down gently.

So, I voted and then thought nothing about the pavement. Until a few weeks ago when my neighbour told me they were doing some work on it. I went around to inspect the surface. I mean it’s still not the best but the worst part has been tarmacked over and another section has been chalked out which means that should be sorted out soon. They’ve also closed off another stretch of pavement around the corner to fix. Slowly but surely, the paths in my area are getting smoother, which makes it a little bit easier to push my wheelchair.

Time to go around the block and try my new Michael Jackson gloves.

Bye for now!

Friday, 22 February 2013

It's just a joke...

Last night, Jimmy Carr was at the Alban Arena and I went for the third year running thanks to a birthday present from my brother. And it was, of course, quite brilliant. He is hilarious but what I like most is that every time I’ve seen him live, the show is different and he doesn’t repeat jokes. I know most comedians change their act as well but because he delivers short, sharp lines, I feel he deserves plaudits for coming up with equally funny but fresh material.

Everyone has different tastes so may not think Carr is a comic great in the way I do. But he made a point towards the end, which I completely agree with. It is perfectly fine to enjoy and laugh at near-knuckle comedians. Look at me, Wheelchair Boy yet I was in tears of laughter when he made a joke about wheelchair users. I wasn’t offended at all because 1) he weren’t vindictively having a go and 2) laughter brings the world together and if you can’t see the funny side, what is the point.

There are ‘comedians’ that do offend me; well I been have watching the news so I feel that there are perhaps more appropriate words to describe Jim Davidson… But seriously, I just find him to be malicious and believes every word he utters. I mean disabled people cannot sit at the front for his shows because they put him off. Shut up, the man is ginger (no offence). The same can be applied to racist comics who are not ‘just joking’, their stand up is pure opinion. They basically turn the gig into a BNP rally.

So, you may not like Jimmy Carr but please don’t come out with ‘he offends me’. Lighten up and sort your life out.

I’ve probably offended some with tonight’s blog but quite frankly, I couldn’t care.

Bye for now!