Friday, 8 March 2013

Feeling broody...

Sorry I didn’t do a post yesterday but I got distracted in the day and when I did get around to doing it, I had to stop halfway because I was going out. Enjoyed the company but was pretty dead in St. Albans last night. I’ll tell you if it’s better tonight. Right, here are my musings, better late than never.

This is actually so weird considering my age and the fact I don’t have a girlfriend but over the past few days, I’ve been thinking about how cool it will be having children. Don’t panic, I haven’t completely lost the plot. I do realise that 19 is quite young so I don’t want one now (like I said, it’s biologically impossible) but my cousin’s wife came around the other day with their new baby and it got me thinking about being a father…in the future.

The thought process might intrigue you, as it is a tad different from the norm. I did imagine me as a father because I love kids (you’re sick if you took that the wrong way) and not blowing my own trumpet but thought I’d be good because I’m a caring person. I am aware that I sound pathetic and will get ribbed for this post. But, apart from the cute, lovely images of a little Glen, I did start thinking about the impact my disability will have on me being a parent. My offspring probably won’t have Friedreich’s Ataxia unless my partner has the matching rare faulty gene (knowing my luck, that is possible) but that’s not the concern. It’s the fact that I can’t even look after myself completely.

Like I said, that’s something I shouldn’t think about for years and there’s loads of parents with disabilities, worse than me, so it’s quite normal. At least my kids won’t be ignorant and neither will my neighbours children. The oldest is 5 so they’ve always seen me as a ‘Wheelchair Boy’ so I doubt they’d bat an eyelid if they saw another wheelchair user.

But, as you all know through reading my blog, society is not like that and the world needs education. So, if you haven’t done it already, get voting: so I can open even more peoples eyes.

By the way, this is post 100 and I’ve had 20, 000 + views so far. Thanks for reading and your positive feedback. It make me very happy.

Bye for now!

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