Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The missing Lincoln...

During my school years, we seemed to be constantly learning about race relations in the US, whether it was To Kill A Mockingbird in English, Martin Luther King in RS or the Civil Rights movement in history.  However, the main focus was on the struggle in the 20th Century. So, although I have read about the end of slavery, there is an Abraham Lincoln sized hole in my knowledge, which I wanted to fill. Plus, I wanted to see if it was worth all the hype.

It was. Daniel Day Lewis certainly deserved his Oscar in my opinion. Obviously, I’ve never met him but it was just as I imagined Lincoln would be. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed Hollywood’s take on history and found the story engaging. Perhaps because I had prior interest and was keen to find out more about the subject, I found the film fascinating. But, I can understand why my brother fell asleep. The 13th amendment is strung out for two and a half hours and you know that it will be passed in the end so it doesn’t really have a plot that leaves you in suspense.

So, I’d say if you have a thoughtful mind and want to be intellectually stimulated, it’s definitely for you but if your brain needs entertaining and gets bored easily, avoid it like the plague. Like my brother said, it’s quite an expensive nap. It’s not really a Steven Spielberg type so don’t go for that reason. But saying that, he does do historical films well. Didn’t he do Titanic? No (good job I googled it), I mean Saving Private Ryan. I know they’re not similar but I’m saying he’s got a proven track record in making films that deal with facts.

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