Thursday, 19 May 2016

Team Uber...

As most of you will know, my dad (as well as his brothers) is a London taxi driver.  In fact, most Shorey men of a certain age are. You could say that black cabs are in the blood! So I am certainly running the risk of getting disowned by my family if they read this post... 

Famously, taxi drivers across the world (not just in London) have been in uproar since the emergence of an online app, which allows people to type in the route they want and then locate a car in the local area who is able to do it; all via a smartphone. The company only started in America four years ago but global expansion has meant that you can download Uber everywhere now. I have always towed the family line and urged other people to only use black cabs but my view changed last week for two reasons.

Firstly, Uber have recently launched their first ever Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) option, which disabled people in London will be able to request at the push of a button! I have spoke numerous times on this very blog about the fact London black cabs are poorly designed and do not cater well for the needs of wheelchair bound passengers. They're failure to adapt and improve accessibility has forced me to switch allegiance. Taxis are so out of date and have not really changed since the advent of automobiles. It's obvious how I will be traveling next time I need quick, accessible travel across our nation's capital.

The second reason I changed my mind and became a snake is all to do with prices.  I have heard many stories from people I know about how they have made trips that normally cost £15 but it only cost under £10 with Uber. On average, they are 30% cheaper than a black cab and I think that is the winning argument right there. Let's face it, no one in their right mind is going to pick the more expensive option when you are basically getting the same product; a journey from A to B.

So if you have read this post and would like to join the Uber revolution with me, I have secured all my loyal readers a free first ride up to £15. Just download the app and sign up using the code 'GLEN12'. Details below:
Bye for now!