Friday, 29 March 2013

Getting fit…

Being Good Friday, it feels a bit like a Saturday so I weren’t going to do a blog today because I like to give my loyal readers a rest at the weekend. Plus, I’m quite busy at the weekend and anytime I do get on the computer, I spend adding to the scripts I am currently writing. Another excuse is that to get most of my blogging material, I need to go out and what with the weather, I’ve stayed in mostly. I went to watch the Arsenal Under 19’s on Monday night but apart from being freezing, nothing of interest happened.

So, I thought I’d take the time to update you on the fitness regime I started in January. The Tottenham diet A.K.A. the 5 2 diet sounds ridiculous but it is actually working really well for me. My beer belly has visibly gone down and it is so easy. I can eat whatever for 5 days and then only 600 Calories for 2. I admit it sounds absurd but it works. On my fast days, I can just think I can eat a chocolate bar tomorrow without feeling guilty. It’s a bit like a carrot on a stick.

As well as the diet, I’m also continuing to workout which involves using weights, pushing myself or going down the park to use the outdoor gym. It is definitely working, as I am feeling a lot stronger. This does not just mean I find it easier to use my manual wheelchair but also helps with transferring into cars. I also have a protein shake to build up my muscles. Soon I’ll have some abs and pecks to show off. Hopefully, the ladies will like because that is what I’m doing it for after all…nah, I’m not going to get a ripped body…but I am trying to impress ladies.

I would like to be able to tense my bicep and it pops up like a cartoon. I’d also like more votes (such a smooth link). I woke up to see I have broke the 300 mark this morning so I’ve had a brilliant week but let’s cement me in that 5th place by the time I return on Monday. Just enter your E-Mail and remember to confirm.

Right, I’m off to finish my protein shake and pump some iron as they say.

Bye for now!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Action Man…

I went to the cinema again on Saturday in what appears to be a weekly event. This time not to see a factual film based on history nor a cartoon aimed at children but the latest Jason Statham classic, Parker. Sit down Spurs fans, it’s not about your old, clapped out midfielder. It’s just action, like every other one of his movies. I love him as an actor but I can see why people would get bored. If I’m critically honest, he is a bit one dimensional and predictable.

Even so, I thoroughly enjoyed Parker, not just because J Lo was half-naked (it’s not until you see her in a bikini that you realise her body is amazing). Enough of the drooling, I thought the plot was interesting and it was well written (I pay close attention to that now I’m trying my hand at screen writing). A small warning if you do listen to me and go watch it, there is a disgusting, screamish part. I had to look away because I’m a massive wimp. So this next part may surprise you.

If I was able-bodied, I reckon I would have a criminal record. Not because I’d be a mindless thug but I have this urge to dish out retribution like a modern day Batman. Like if you were a wife-beater, I’d actually get pleasure from smacking you one. Probably wouldn’t have anger if I weren’t in a wheelchair or let my emotions out in a healthy way instead of bottling them up. But, I thought I’d mention my inner hard man. And don’t worry; I’m just ‘Wheelchair Boy’. Not really tough… AT ALL. I mean I like Glee and JLS.

This blog is good therapy actually. Can speak openly about my thoughts and offload any niggling frustrations.

I seem to have been plugging the Big Blog Exchange for eternity now but it’s paying off. Tonight, I am 7th in Europe and have 294 votes. The person in 5th has 339, which is catchable??? (If that’s a word). It would be a lovely Easter present if I am in the top 5 by Bank Holiday Monday. Tweet or FB the link and encourage everyone to join the team by voting.

Bye for now!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

You can't see me...

Yesterday, I made the point that people who patronise me like that steward cannot be blamed for being ignorant because society has made them like that. I have said before that children are not educated and that is a problem. And, I also mentioned the CBeebies presenter but I’d like to explore mainstream media a bit more rather than children’s television. The Leveson Inquiry looked into the culture, practices and ethics of the British press and highlighted the problems that needed to be changed. I’m not saying a public investigation into the media coverage of disabled people because it doesn’t exist in the first place. All I’m arguing is if there was a distinct lack of women or black people on T.V., there would be public outrage.

I’d like to focus on EastEnders. A primetime soap, which is watched on mass by millions. The BBC is a public-service broadcaster and if media A-Level taught me anything, it’s that all strands of society should be represented because everyone has to pay for a T.V. license, even ‘Wheelchair Boy’. It’s coverage of disability recently has really annoyed me. Every few episodes, you’ll just see a ‘Wheelchair Boy’ in the market. It is as if they push him on, he rolls across the back of the shot and then they lock him up in a cupboard until next time. Do disabled people not eat or drink because I’ve never seen him in the Queen Vic or Café. And he can’t go clubbing down in R and R.

Actually, I’m being unfair. Patrick was in a wheelchair for 5 episodes. He even had a carer (albeit she was polish which was a bit of a stereotype). But, seriously they need a permanent character and that’s where I come in. Not to be an actor but to write one in. So, if any EastEnders writers are reading, my brain is full of great ideas. I’m a big fan but your ratings are falling and the show needs a fresh character.

Talking of BBC programmes, the episode of The Matt Lucas Awards that I was in the audience for was broadcast last night. I paused it and took a picture of the back of my head (see below). It’s my claim to fame.

The votes are really climbing now. In a day, the total number has gone up by 40 so thanks for the continued support. Here is the link just to make sure that everyone who reads my blog (and likes) votes.

Bye for now!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Special (thumbs up)...

If you want a laugh before you read todays post, a picture of me when I done work experience in Parliament has appeared on Anne Main’s website. See here and if you missed my account on my time with the St. Albans MP, here’s the link

So, onto my post today. The title is special because you all know much I love being patronised and, you’ve guessed it, I was made to feel like a rather special ‘Wheelchair Boy’. I decided to go and watch Arsenal Ladies at Borehamwood Football Club last Wednesday because it was an important Champions League Quarter Final, which is further than the men (I had to say that before someone else did). We won 3-1 and I was very impressed with the players, especially the speed demon that is Gemma Davison. I left happy but also slightly hacked off.

I was in my manual wheelchair so wasn’t not causing a blockade but the steward told my friend we had to move so that I wouldn’t get hurt. Notice, she didn’t address me at first. And, when she did, it was a high-pitched voice telling me that she had a ‘special place’ for me. Is that a joke? Do I look like a baby? To top off the insult, there was a sign saying ‘No Standing Allowed’ which was a pity because I felt like stretching the old legs...

In the second half, we decided to move further down near the goal so I could chat up the subs warming up (joking …or am I). That would be the perfect girlfriend but enough of my fantasy world. I weren’t in the way at all (you could drive a bus behind me) but apparently prams were struggling to pass even though I saw one go by. The woman then told me in that classic ‘baby talk’ voice that the ‘special place’ was still there. I should’ve started celebrating but I couldn’t be bothered. Just one of those thing that I’ve learnt to accept. It’s the only way some people can approach disabled people and you can’t really blame them for being ignorant.

Was quite happy voting wise. Up to 221 (or more importantly 9th in Europe) which means people either listened to my mum and checked their spam or the lovely people of St. Albans read this article on the Review website Yes that’s right, Herts Ad and Review. I’m such a media whore, desperate for votes, which you can help with

Bye for now!

Monday, 25 March 2013


One of the things I miss about University was living on my own. Halls may be pretty basic but the experience gave me a taste for independent living and I am desperate to get that back. Not only is it great for a young man to have his own space but also I believe absence does truly make the heart grow fonder. If I’m around my family all the time, I tend to get annoyed and have terrible mood swings. Only seeing them at the weekends (I used to come home for Arsenal at the weekends) helped us become closer and get on better. Now I’m back, I crave having my own space, as sometimes, it’s just too intense. You may argue that I brought the ‘moving back home’ on myself but I weren’t going to carry on living a lie just so I could live away.

Being a ‘Wheelchair Boy’, I have a social worker so soon after leaving Brunel, I told her that I wanted a similar arrangement but in the local area. I still want to see everyone but I don’t want my parents in my face (don’t mean that in a harsh way). Last week, I had a productive meeting and basically, I’m on the look out for two bedroom (one for my PA), ground floor (obviously) flat/apartment to rent.  A company, working on behalf of me, then asks the landlord if adaptations can be made.  In my case, this would mainly be in the bathroom in the form of a wet room, wheel-in shower and handrails.

I am on the council housing list but I’m in category D which is a joke but don’t get me started. So, private ownership it is… well, eventually. At first, I’d rent until I was certain I wanted to stay there for a considerable period of time and could look into buying it outright. All my family know how much I want to have my own place so they are all looking in papers, online and even when they’re out. But, nowhere has caught my eye yet.

It’s a brand new week but I still am on the vote hunt. I have 210 so far. My mum is a bit confused because of all my Facebook ‘friends’, Twitter followers and the article in the Herts Ad (
 but the amount is still relatively small. She told me to remind everyone that they have to confirm their vote via a link sent in an E-Mail which might have ended up in the spam. If you’re at work, then pass this link on to your colleagues please:

Bye for now!