Monday, 15 June 2015

Key to the door…

Some of my regular readers may have noticed that I haven’t been posting much recently and that’s because shortly after raising the money for a Carony Classic and a FM hearing system (I really don’t know how I lived without both pieces of equipment before), I received some amazing news that I have been waiting for years to hear. The council have given me a flat, which, as you know, has been at the top of my wish list since I became an adult.  I got a taste of independent living during my brief stint at Uni and I enjoyed the freedom (albeit sharing a kitchen is not ideal). It was probably the best part of the whole University experience and was something I missed when I returned home.

I just feel like a child at home with my parents and I know it sounds cliché but I think moving out will help me spread my wings and develop as a person. I’ll be able to start doing what I want, when I want. My parents will obviously be sad see me leave (although I will only be 5 minutes away) but they understand that moving away from your parents is just part of life. When my dad was my age, he bought his first home so can appreciate the importance of having your own place.

Excited doesn’t even do how I am feeling justice but I’m also extremely anxious because nothing ever goes completely right for me (put the violins away). There is always a hitch/some sort of issue that spoils the party. I won’t be happy until I move in but when that will be; your guess is as good as mine. When I got the keys, the flat was unfurnished and although friends/family have kindly donated furniture, I’m still without essential items such as a fridge freezer and an oven. My OT also needs to order a new shower chair and wider bed so I don’t think my place will be ready for another month or so.

Anyway, that explains my absence for the most part. There is so much to sort out, from getting the best broadband deal to choosing the decorations for each room, sorting out my energy providers to getting the flat adapted to suite me (i.e. installation of a Clos-o-mat toilet and removal of lips on exterior door cills). Plus, the anticipation is proving a distraction so instead of writing, I am spending hours online browsing through different canvas art to go on my walls.

Bye for now!