Monday, 18 April 2016

EU referendum...

I have spoke about voting numerous times on here before and have shared why I think it's important to exercise your right. One of the points I made is that you do not really have a leg to stand on (no pun intended) if you abstain from the democratic process then do not like the way Britain is being run. This particular argument is even more valid when discussing the European question because if you do not go to the polls on June 23rd, you cannot complain whatever the outcome is. I mean there is no excuse not to vote in this important referendum. I am even making sure I have my say even though I will be out of the country on the day (I have sent in the application form so that I can vote by post).

With regards to the 'hokey cokey' that is Britain's membership of the EU, it is all very confusing if you are not sure how to vote. All the articles I have read on the subject are heavily laced in bias. They appear to be balanced as they give both sides of the debate but are pushing the reader to take one argument as fact and the other as pure lunacy. I know what way I will be voting in June but I would like this post to help any undecided voters without me imposing my views on them. I will happily tell people my opinion and relish a good-old debate but I do not think this is the best place.

Basically, the question is going to be a wordy version of 'Should the UK stay in the EU?'. Those who want us to stay (Yes) mainly argue that Britain's trade links would be compromised as a result of cutting ties with Europe. Remaining would be better for our wallets. Whereas the main argument for leaving the EU is that immigration is out of control because of  'freedom of movement'. Leaving would put an end to this. There are of course other arguments and counter claims for both sides but they are the main two. Both points seem very different but both are very important in the British public's minds. Immigration or money: you decide!

While I am on the subject of voting, please remember to register either if you have not bothered to vote before or if you have changed address in the last year (just like I did when I moved into my flat). The deadline to register for the referendum is June 7th so there is still a month and a half left to submit your details. However, the deadline so that you can vote in the upcoming local elections being held on May 5th is today so if you believe you need to, I urge you to stop what your doing and click the link: It only takes 5 minutes to register and by voting, you could stop the Tory dominance that is UK politics. No wonder 'Dodgy Dave' gets away with so much...

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Wednesday, 6 April 2016


I am guessing you have all been eagerly awaiting my review of Barcelona following my short trip to Catalonia a few weeks ago? Not really. Hopefully you all have better things to be doing with your life than waiting for 'Wheelchair Boy' to pull his finger out and write a new post. I say that because if you have been sitting in anticipation to read my verdict of the grand old city, you will be bitterly disappointed to learn that I can sum up the place in two words. Not historic and beautiful as you might expect but instead that it is nothing special. That may sound harsh and people who have visited may strongly disagree with me but I was not overly impressed. I found Barcelona did not live up to the hype.

As you all know, I did not visit for the culture as I only live under an hour from the greatest city I have ever been to; London. The main purpose of my visit was to see the mighty Arsenal play against FC UEFA in the largest professional football stadium in the world, outside of North Korea. Again though, just like everything else on the trip, the Camp Nou was a big let down. From the outside, it did not have the 'WOW' factor and is just a boring, grey lump of concrete. This is in stark contrast to the Allianz Arena in Munich; the ground looks like a giant red balloon and is visible for miles. Inside was not much better. Visiting wheelchair supporters were positioned at the very back of the lower tier with the home fans, but you could not always tell. It was no Dortmund that is for sure.

Those who follow football (even Tottenham fans because they are obsessed with how Arsenal get on) will know that we lost 3-1 out there so will probably accuse me of sour grapes but that simply is not true. Like I said, I really liked Bayern Munich's stadium even though we were thrashed 5-1 so it's not bitterness behind the fact that I feel Reading have a nicer ground than Barcelona. I expected us to lose, given that they arguably have the best player ever in Lionel Messi and, as always, have an extra player in the shape of the referee. However, we put up a strong fight until the end and I came away feeling quite positive about my team.

I realise this post has been quite downbeat on my mini-break but I have to admit it was not all bad. It took us ages to find but the Cathedral was pretty impressive; certainly more breathtaking than the Camp Nou. Also, the Wheelchair Accessible Van we hired was mostly positive. In fact, I must give a shout out to the owner of Brec Auto, Miquel, who was very helpful even though his English was fairly limited. I urge all my readers to please like his Facebook page as it will make his day:\
I recommend this company if you are looking to hire a WAV in Barcelona but only if you're shorter

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