Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Special (thumbs up)...

If you want a laugh before you read todays post, a picture of me when I done work experience in Parliament has appeared on Anne Main’s website. See here
http://www.annemain.com and if you missed my account on my time with the St. Albans MP, here’s the link http://theadventuresofwheelchairboy.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/westminster-behind-closed-doors.html

So, onto my post today. The title is special because you all know much I love being patronised and, you’ve guessed it, I was made to feel like a rather special ‘Wheelchair Boy’. I decided to go and watch Arsenal Ladies at Borehamwood Football Club last Wednesday because it was an important Champions League Quarter Final, which is further than the men (I had to say that before someone else did). We won 3-1 and I was very impressed with the players, especially the speed demon that is Gemma Davison. I left happy but also slightly hacked off.

I was in my manual wheelchair so wasn’t not causing a blockade but the steward told my friend we had to move so that I wouldn’t get hurt. Notice, she didn’t address me at first. And, when she did, it was a high-pitched voice telling me that she had a ‘special place’ for me. Is that a joke? Do I look like a baby? To top off the insult, there was a sign saying ‘No Standing Allowed’ which was a pity because I felt like stretching the old legs...

In the second half, we decided to move further down near the goal so I could chat up the subs warming up (joking …or am I). That would be the perfect girlfriend but enough of my fantasy world. I weren’t in the way at all (you could drive a bus behind me) but apparently prams were struggling to pass even though I saw one go by. The woman then told me in that classic ‘baby talk’ voice that the ‘special place’ was still there. I should’ve started celebrating but I couldn’t be bothered. Just one of those thing that I’ve learnt to accept. It’s the only way some people can approach disabled people and you can’t really blame them for being ignorant.

Was quite happy voting wise. Up to 221 (or more importantly 9th in Europe) which means people either listened to my mum and checked their spam or the lovely people of St. Albans read this article on the Review website http://www.stalbansreview.co.uk/news/biog/40156/ Yes that’s right, Herts Ad and Review. I’m such a media whore, desperate for votes, which you can help with http://www.bigblogexchange.org/blog/72005

Bye for now!


  1. OK, Glen. You are at 261 votes and ranked #8 in Europe today. I am putting the power of my 60,000 social media contacts into your campaign and u win! I have posted on Twitter and Facebook already, and I have more ideas. Please connect with me ASAP on one of those networks and we'll strategise!

  2. Hi- I would contact you if I knew your name :)