Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas shopping…

After a gruelling trip to Watford yesterday, I realise them two words do not go together. I normally can’t get enough of retail therapy but I can now understand why Father Christmas is an alcoholic. Talk about unnecessary stress. Shopping is fun when it’s for me (selfish I know) or if I know what to get but at Christmas, I have no idea. I get like a child and write a list but at least then, it is clear for everyone to see the presents that I desire. I wish the rest of my family would make a list so that I cannot go wrong.

The money side of Christmas has also got to me this year. Not just all the ways that companies try to squeeze every last penny out of what is essentially a Christian festival but the fact that all the gifts that I purchased yesterday will be half price on Boxing Day, which particularly bugs me. Let’s just do away with giving presents and just enjoy each other’s company (not forgetting the tradition of eating like pigs). Buy everything on your wish list in the January sales. Think about all the money we’d save.

Anyway, the best day of the year is a week Monday (my birthday). December 30th is a time where we can reflect on another great year for ‘Wheelchair Boy’, Let’s face it, every birthday is special because it means you’re still alive and that alone is worth celebrating. The next evening is New Year’s Eve. A chance to rebrand myself from boy into man. Set resolutions that will be forgotten within a month.

I might blog in the next couple of weeks so do check but if not, I will definitely be back in 2014.

I’ll end this festive post by wishing you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

Bye for now!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Some people…

I should not be surprised anymore when I see the nasty and selfish side of humanity but a couple of weeks ago, I was appalled by the behaviour of some Arsenal fans in front of me at the Emirates Stadium.  Seeing as it’s nearly Christmas, I’ll tell this anecdote through the form of a festive tale.

Twas the 8th of December and Arsenal vs Everton was about to begin in North London. A Down’s syndrome couple were sitting just below me waiting for the teams to emerge from the tunnel. As is standard, when the players did come out onto the pitch, everyone rose and gave them a standing ovation (an odd thing to do considering they’ve done nothing). This doesn’t affect my view because the wheelchair platform is raised, making for a perfect view of the pitch. However, I was slightly concerned that the aforementioned pair wouldn’t be able to see the match because even after kick-off, everyone was still on their feet.

A man in front of me was also aware of the problem and asked if they wanted to move to sit up near the wheelchairs. They said no and a lot of you are probably thinking that’s their fault if they couldn’t see. Wrong. People who have learning disabilities don’t like change and because that is where their seat was on the ticket, they couldn’t just move. I spent the first 15 minutes of the match worrying about the couple because the girl started crying and I felt sorry for them. The stewards were soon on the scene, asking for people to sit down. Most did, except for a few ignorant morons.

A group of men refused and one of them even had the nerve to ask the two “you’re alright. Aren’t you?” when clearly they were not. That angered my brother and I who shouted, telling the idiots (obviously we used stronger words) to sit down. They didn’t hear and no fight followed but we all know that ‘Wheelchair Boy’ would have took them no problem.

Now, I’m all for the introduction of safe standing like in Germany but until that happens, people need to think that there could be people who can’t see at the back. It’s another case of people either being ignorant and unaware or purely selfish. Some people are just [insert swear word here].

On that festive note 

Bye for now! 

Thursday, 12 December 2013

The man that keeps on giving…

Everyone knows that caring is a hard job that not everyone could do, especially if your ‘client’ is obnoxious and loves a good old-fashioned argument like me.  People often say it’s rewarding and it is but only in the same way that prostitution is rewarding for a second or two. (it’s a pretty lousy job most of the time). Assisting someone who has a disability takes a special kind of person who is strong, reliable and puts others first so I am quite lucky to have 4 brilliant carers. However, I’m going to single out one particular employee because he needs your help.

The man goes by the name of Michael Brown and unlike some; he’s not dropping out of university anytime soon (coincidentally, he is in the first year at Brunel so has not yet been there longer than me yet). In fact, he has just made a long-term commitment. Next year, he will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to raise money for the charity Childreach. This is not only brave as he is unhealthily skinny but it’s for a great cause which shows how unselfish he is.

The total amount that he needs to raise is £2, 650 and he’s only got £75 at the moment. Early days but he is already panicking so I thought I’d be a good boss and spread the word. Please click the link and donate whatever you can ( I know it’s Christmas and money is tight but this amazing young man deserves our support, not least that he has to put up with me screaming like a girl when I beat him on FIFA.

If you’re still not convinced, he is good looking according to women so that is clearly a sound reason to sponsor. Anyway, enough of this brownnosing; don’t want to make his head bigger than it already is. Just get donating and I’ll love you long time.

Bye for now!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

4 eyes…

Sorry for not blogging in over a week. I know I said I’d write a post last Thursday but one thing lead to another and I didn’t get round to it. You know how it is. I just hope you’re all in the Christmas spirit and can forgive my absence. So that means there are a few unresolved issues that I mentioned last week and people might be interested to know what happened next. I sound like I’m writing some great novel, gradually building tension but the reason I like to leave readers in suspense is so they return and are intrigued by what I think is a pretty mundane life (I’ll never understand why people enjoy this blog).

One of the less exciting adventures ‘Wheelchair Boy’ got up to last week was going for a much-needed eye-test at the Opticians. The eagle-eyed amongst you (no pun intended) will have seen the title and know what I’m about to say. As expected, my eyesight is appalling and I need glasses. No surprise there but the big shock for me was how much frames cost. All I can say is I’ve been living in a bubble of ignorance like a politician out of touch from society, mistakenly thinking that a pair of lenses would only cost £10. In fact, a decent pair will set you back from £79 upwards. That was a big shock.

Anyway, I went to collect my new glasses today. Weird doesn’t even cut it. I think I look strange (you can judge with the picture below) and it’s like I’m a different person. There’s an imposter ‘Wheelchair Boy’ roaming the streets of St. Albans. I’m also going to have to get used to the new addition to my face, as I am desperate to take them off as soon as I put them on. The key is that they work as life is not always a fashion show and health is more important. My vision is definitely better with the lenses because everything seems to be in focus and clear.

Now I’ve sorted out my eyes, hearing is the next problem. I feel like such an old man but I knew this day would come.

Bye for now!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Busy bee…

As I write this, it is nearly the end of the 3rd day of December, which means the festive period has officially begun. Personally, it’s a month of celebrations what with Christmas, New Years and most importantly, my birthday on the 30th (27 days to get me  a present). That also means it’s all systems go in the life of ‘Wheelchair Boy’ as I count down/eat through my advent calendar. It’s not just the football fixtures that come thick and fast at this time of year. In between going to watch Arsenal in Cardiff, I went to pick up a trike yesterday (post coming soon) and had a hospital appointment today. Hence why I have only managed to blog now.

My hectic schedule doesn’t end there. I have to see the optician tomorrow afternoon before heading off to the Emirates to see the Arsenal again. I’ll have time to do a proper post on Thursday but then it’s another trip to the hospital ahead of a Christmas party, which a few of my readers will be attending (don’t be jealous). A third viewing of the greatest team the world has ever seen will finish a jam-packed week off. I thought I’d explain what I’m doing and why it’s all quiet on the blogging front sometimes before people kick off regarding my whereabouts.

Just a quick update on the WOW petition. Since my post last Thursday, the number of signatures has smashed the 100,000 mark (I’m sure many of my readers helped to surpass that all important figure). If David Cameron keeps his promise, MP’s in the House of Commons will debate disability and the various issues surrounding the Welfare State. It would take a miracle but I hope this ConDem coalition will now realise that various changes to the system such as the introduction of the Bedroom Tax and assessing people to see if they’re disabled enough to receive benefits are unequivocally wrong.

Anyway, the cardiologist gave me an ECG and cleared me for exercise so if you excuse me, I’m off to the gym.

Bye for now!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

WOW- the final countdown…

Back in May, I spoke passionately about a part of society that is close to my heart, both literally and metaphorically ( The welfare system has been under attack since the ConDem coalition came to power in 2010 but like I said yesterday, not taking an interest in politics will not help. Changes will only happen if people work together in a cohesive and ordered manner, starting with people signing the War On Welfare petition. There have been 95,000 signatures so far but if the total can surpass 100, 000 by the December 12th (only 15 days), the issue will be discussed in Parliament.

Please stop what you’re doing and sign the petition now:
Don’t forget to check your e-mail inbox and click the link to confirm. I haven’t asked my readers for a favour since the Big Blog Exchange (grovelling for all them votes was such a waste of time) earlier in the year and seems as the blog is free entertainment, signing a petition is the least you can do. Also, sticking it to Iain Duncan Smith and telling him that we shall stand no more of his onslaught feels quite liberating, well it does to a ‘Wheelchair Boy’ anyway.

I know to someone with conservative values, helping others with a welfare state seems like leftie, socialist waffle but surely any human with emotions can realise looking after defenceless people i.e. the sick and disabled is the right thing to do and should be protected at all costs. The government at the moment don’t seem to agree with that sentiment, which proves to me that they are heartless robots. I’ve implied this before but various departments such as housing and benefits have got on top of me recently, forcing me to spell it out clearly. If the government didn’t have opposition, they would kill all disabled people.

On that note,

Bye for now!