Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Thinking about death...

It has been nearly a whole month since I last posted on here but I am not going to make excuses about how busy I have been of late with trips to Sheffield, Swansea and even Germany to watch the Arsenal. Instead, I am going to say that a few months ago (as some of my hardcore followers may have noticed) I made the decision to only write when I felt like it instead of forcing out a post for the sake of regularity. Sorry if that disappoints some of my loyal readers but it means that you can take more enjoyment on the odd occasions 'Wheelchair Boy' does choose to grace you with his presence.

So, the subject of my first blog post back following a brief hiatus is a bit taboo and of course upsetting to most people (except psychopaths which, believe it or not, IS NOT me). What I am about to say may come across as a bit harsh or close to the bone, especially after what happened in Paris last week, but it is true and I just wish everyone would accept reality.

The fact is that we are all going to die (#BreakingNews). 'Wheelchair Boy' could do a Stephen Hawking and live longer than what the experts predict but the probability is I won't make it past 40. Obviously I could pass away at any point in life, whether it is the Friedreich's Ataxia finally getting the better of me or something like a car crash being the cause. I just think so be it; there's nothing I, nor anyone for that matter, can do.

That's why I am not comfortable with the whole scaremongering by the British media following the attacks in Paris on Friday. Yes, acts of terrorism are horrific but they do not mean life should stop. I have tickets for the European Championships in France next year and it did cross my mind that I should perhaps return the tickets. Then I thought you simply cannot live life if you are scared of death. I know people who have died in accidents. Should I not go out just to be on the safe side? I also have read about people choking to death. Should I just avoid food and remove my tongue? Saying that, if I do not eat I will die so I am screwed either way. There is simply not a way anyone can avoid death.

I doubt I will be quoted in years to come but my philosophy is "embrace death before death embraces you". Death is a terrible thing and is unfortunately part of life so accept that it is going to happen at some point because that way, you can live without fear. It goes without saying people want to put it off for as long as possible but do not let it become the main focus in your life. My attitude is continuously questioned but I am willing to bet that at least one of those 126 victims in France was unbelievably health conscious; did not drink, did not smoke, always ate healthy food, exercised regularly yet still died which proves that death can strike anyone at anytime.

Worrying about death really is a waste of time.

Bye for now!