Friday, 30 September 2016

Wheelchair or scooter?

Apologies for not posting in months. I have been quite busy but truth be told, I have fallen out of love with writing and no longer enjoy it. Hopefully my passion will return soon but at the moment, I feel I need this extended break to try and refresh myself (otherwise I would just write a lot of rubbish). So I just thought I would check in and say that I am doing well in case anyone is concerned about the lack of posts. Also I wanted to share this post about wheelchairs and mobility scooters as I thought it might interest some of my readers:

Do I need a wheelchair or a mobility scooter?

Are you ready to join the ranks of the wheeled wanderers?
Mobility difficulties, whether temporary or permanent, will affect us all at some stage. Many people discover that walking sticks aren’t enough, frames aren’t right and the best option is, actually, to get a wheelchair or a scooter.
Electric wheelchairs are a popular choice. Manual wheelchairs aren’t always as useful or convenient, though as a benefit they at least don’t need to be regularly charged.  Alternatively, you might think about getting a mobility scooter.
But is one better than another? Which do you need and why? Here are things to consider when you’re comparing and deciding which to buy?
How well do your arms work?
Mobility scooters work in a similar way to bikes. You’ll need to have strength to turn the handle, in order to go around a corner.
Electric wheelchairs often have their controls within easy reach, usually with a joystick or buttons for direction adjustment.
If you lack arm or hand strength, electric wheelchairs are going to be the most suitable for you.
If you struggle to walk but have full upper body strength then a mobility scooter may be more suitable.
How much space do you have in your car?
An electric wheelchair will fold down to a very convenient size. This makes it easy to transport in the back of most family cars.
It is possible to get a folding mobility scooter, but do bear in mind that most scooters don’t fold down. They’ll be a lot more difficult to take on your annual family camping trip.
How far do you want to travel?
Electric wheelchairs can handle some rough terrain, but they aren’t particularly quick. They’re also only suitable for indoor use and pavements – you cannot take your wheelchair on the road!
If you’re planning to travel long distances, and might need to go on the road, then you can find road-legal mobility scooters that you can use as you travel through your town.
How much do you need to customise your sitting position?
If your legs tend to ache when they’re kept in one place, then a mobility scooter may not be suitable. On a scooter, your legs will always need to be flat against the floor of the scooter’s body.
On electric wheelchairs there are footrests that can be easily adjusted. You can put the footrests in the position that is most comfortable for you, then easily change that position when you need to.
Where will you use your mobility aid?
Electric wheelchairs may not be the fastest, but they’re incredibly good at tight corners. The handling is smooth on most wheelchairs, meaning that you can easily turn around in small spaces.
Mobility scooters, on the other hand, are often big and bulky. They reverse at a slow pace and need to be turned much like a car, rather than spinning almost on the spot. Mobility scooters can have a wide turning circle, which may cause difficulty if you plan to use yours indoors or for supermarket shopping.
Which is right for you?
Answering the questions above will help you to build a better picture of the type of mobility aid that you’ll need. For short-term outdoor use, or travel on the roads, you’ll want a mobility scooter. If you’re more dependent on your mobility aid, indoors and outdoors, then an electric wheelchair may be the better choice.
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