Wednesday, 7 June 2017

One final plea...

Dear my beloved readers,

Those of you who regularly visit my blog will know that I suffer from Friedreich’s Ataxia. For anyone new,it is basically a genetic condition that attacks the nervous system and will continue to get progressively worse until I die (the Tories want that to happen sooner rather than later as it seems that I am a massive drain on the economy). I just wanted to drop by and remind you all that tomorrow is polling day. Peoples lives are at stake in this General Election so please go out and vote in a new Labour government with fresh, exciting ideas.

I can tell you that life in austerity Britain is not good for me. Benefit reductions, being refused vital equipment due to budget restraints and wasting my life in hospitals waiting for treatment are just a few examples of what I have had to endure since 2010. It is not just disabled people who are hit; the cuts also affect the NHS, Education, Transport, Public Services and Security. The Tories are not finished there because if re-elected, they are planning on attacking old people next with cuts to Pensions, a Dementia Tax and scrapping winter fuel payments. No one is safe! 

However, contrary to popular belief (the media help to shape this view), there is an alternative way.  Money does not have to be prioritised over human lives. Society does not have to cater for the wealthy and bend over backwards to satisfy the big corporations. There is now a clear choice. We can continue in a country that does not care about 95% of the population and is only interested in making their rich friends more money or we can elect a Labour government who will invest in Britain and redistribute the money so that it is not stuck with the top 5%. 

If you have a conscience and sense of morality, please do not vote in another Conservative government (voting Lib Dems will do that just like it did in 2010). I, along with millions of others, cannot cope with 5 more years of heartless cuts and being made to feel like a worthless piece of dirt.

Please Vote Labour.

Bye for now!


Thursday, 1 June 2017

Vote Labour and 'Wheelchair Boy' will return...

I realise that people do not respond well to threats and that the headline might backfire as some would not vote Labour just so they do not have to read another boring, self-indulgent 'Wheelchair Boy' post so that partly was a joke. I will be returning to writing regardless of the election result but I probably will not have time to do so until at least after polling day on June 8th.

I also am aware that many people are completely turned off by politics and say whoever you vote for, nothing changes! Although I have always believed failing to vote means you cannot moan about pretty much anything in life (I still hold that opinion), those who are disillusioned had a point up until this General Election. The same posh, rich, out of touch robots with right wing ideologies have been running this country and the only noticeable distinction has been the colour of their ties; from Thatcher to Blair to May. Westminster has been working for the few for 38 years too long and the people need to take back control!

Jeremy Corbyn is very different to those who have gone before. He is the reason that I joined the Labour Party and have been very active in the lead up to this election.  JC is the man who, upon being elected as Prime Minister, would place the power firmly back in ordinary people's hands... Don't believe me? Then please read the fully costed (unlike the Tories) Labour manifesto here which contains policies FOR THE MANY such as:
  • Maintaining the Triple Lock on state pensions which means pensions will increase in line with wages and inflation.
  • Bringing back public ownership of the railways, Royal Mail and energy industries.
  • Introducing a National Living Wage of £10 an hour.
  • Providing FREE tuition fees for all those attending University.
  • Scrapping zero-hour contracts which is one of the ways workers rights would be bolstered.  
  • Giving 30 hours a week of free childcare for all children aged between 2 and 4 so parents can go back to work without worrying about additional costs.
  • Creating a National Investment Bank so that money is spent on infrastructure in run down areas throughout the country. 
  • Putting 10,000 extra police officers on our streets.
  • Increasing the Carers Allowance so that the most forgotten people in Britain are no longer disregarded.
  • Committing £6 Billion to the NHS so that 1 million people are taken off waiting lists and access to treatment will be guaranteed within 18 weeks. Additional to this access to A&E treatment will be guaranteed within 4 hours.
That is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pledges. The thing that most people will want to know is how are these promises paid for?  The answer to that is clearly given in the Manifesto which is fully costed (unlike the Tories). At the moment, society favors the rich and corporate elites. A Labour government would overturn this by installing a fair and just taxation system which will share the wealth instead of it being kept with those at the top.

At the moment, Theresa May cuts the taxes for her wealthy friends who own large businesses and even turns a blind eye to corporations avoiding tax offshore. Jeremy Corbyn on the other hand has said that he will raise corporation tax to 26% instead of lowering it to 17% as the Tories want. He has also said that his government would clamp down on tax avoidance, using the example of an American coffee company (I refuse to give them advertisement) who will no longer be able to channel their profits through small countries such as Luxembourg and must pay tax on products sold in the UK.

I personally cannot see why people have an issue with taking some money off those who can afford it in order to pay for vital services such as the NHS, Education and Security.  That is why I feel this is the most critical General Election ever . For once, there is a very clear choice that the British public have to make. You can either continue putting money and the interest of the most wealthy above lives or you can choose a brighter future where people are put first and no-one is left behind.

On June 8th, I beg you to stop these barbaric Tory cuts and save our country from 5 more years of misery and pain. The only way you can do this is by voting in a majority Labour government who cares FOR THE MANY, not the few.

Bye for now!