Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I'm just a silly billy...

I went into St. Albans town earlier to buy tickets to see Suggs and have some lunch. Not that exciting apart from the awkward moment when I dropped my milkshake all over the floor, The CafĂ© owner, a fellow gooner, said I had a touch of the Szczesny’s which shows the state of our club has sort of become an in-joke amongst us fans. But enough of the football talk. I wouldn’t say that a trip to town is normally blog worthy but you might not believe what happened in the bank today.

I just popped in to check something and I came out feeling rather patronised. While I was a tad annoyed, I did find the whole thing hilarious. I mean, a wheelchair must mean clinical moron. The woman went out of her way to show me how to use an ATM machine. Thanks, being a ‘Wheelchair Boy’, I’ve obviously never used one. Then she told me I need to get side-on to enter my pin, which she did turn around to give me privacy (unlike some people). However, she then asked if I’d like a printout of my statement, which turned out to be an A4 (not discrete) with the balance in full view. My mate had to turn around and laugh because he could see how much I love being spoken to like a muppet.

You might think this is pretty funny and unbelievable but I’m used to it. I just laugh at people’s ignorance because if you don’t know me, that is the standard response. It’s like people have a code in their head. Wheelchair=Special (thumbs up).

So, I didn’t quite manage 100 votes by noon but I’ve literally just hit the 100 mark, which I’m over the moon with. Thank you for all the support but this needs to continue. I realise I’m a bit annoying but I’m afraid I won’t stop until April. Do what I do and tell everyone you lay eyes on to vote. Here's the link

Bye for now! 

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