Thursday, 28 March 2013

Action Man…

I went to the cinema again on Saturday in what appears to be a weekly event. This time not to see a factual film based on history nor a cartoon aimed at children but the latest Jason Statham classic, Parker. Sit down Spurs fans, it’s not about your old, clapped out midfielder. It’s just action, like every other one of his movies. I love him as an actor but I can see why people would get bored. If I’m critically honest, he is a bit one dimensional and predictable.

Even so, I thoroughly enjoyed Parker, not just because J Lo was half-naked (it’s not until you see her in a bikini that you realise her body is amazing). Enough of the drooling, I thought the plot was interesting and it was well written (I pay close attention to that now I’m trying my hand at screen writing). A small warning if you do listen to me and go watch it, there is a disgusting, screamish part. I had to look away because I’m a massive wimp. So this next part may surprise you.

If I was able-bodied, I reckon I would have a criminal record. Not because I’d be a mindless thug but I have this urge to dish out retribution like a modern day Batman. Like if you were a wife-beater, I’d actually get pleasure from smacking you one. Probably wouldn’t have anger if I weren’t in a wheelchair or let my emotions out in a healthy way instead of bottling them up. But, I thought I’d mention my inner hard man. And don’t worry; I’m just ‘Wheelchair Boy’. Not really tough… AT ALL. I mean I like Glee and JLS.

This blog is good therapy actually. Can speak openly about my thoughts and offload any niggling frustrations.

I seem to have been plugging the Big Blog Exchange for eternity now but it’s paying off. Tonight, I am 7th in Europe and have 294 votes. The person in 5th has 339, which is catchable??? (If that’s a word). It would be a lovely Easter present if I am in the top 5 by Bank Holiday Monday. Tweet or FB the link and encourage everyone to join the team by voting.

Bye for now!

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