Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Living up to the hype...

Last week, I wrote about how much I enjoyed Lincoln and that Daniel Day Lewis deserved his Oscar.  However, I did acknowledge that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and some (like my brother) might fall asleep out of sheer boredom. Argo on the other hand, which also won several awards during the awards season, was gripping from star to finish and could never be called dull.  I thought it would be good, that is why I went to see it at the cinema, but I did not know it would end up being one my all-time favourite movies.

In football, legendary players don’t necessarily make great managers, the prime example being Diego Maradonna. So, I thought the same would apply to the film industry.  Ben Affleck s a talented actor but this was the first film I’ve seen that he directed and, I’m not exaggerating but it is a work of art. It’s a genius blend of gripping action, heart in the mouth drama and a sprinkling of humour. Albeit, the story is based on the truth so the story didn’t need to be changed but, the combination of keeping it real and the right amount of Hollywood class was spot on.

Like Lincoln, it was another film about a subject I briefly learned about for A-Level history. I knew that Jimmy Carter’s period as President was fairly uneventful and the Iranian Hostages were the most memorable part. But, I didn’t know how it all ended which was actually quite good. My laziness to not find out more about what happened heightened my enjoyment. The enigma throughout  left me on the edge of my wheelchair.

I know I slagged off HMV yesterday but my friend bought it for £7.99, which is worth it. But, before you do anything, I need more votes. My regulars (sound like a prostitute) have probably voted and thanks but any new readers, it only takes 30 seconds to vote

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