Friday, 22 March 2013

My story-part 2...

Welcome back to The Adventures of Wheelchair Boy. Before you get to read the second instalment, I am going to do a recap in the style of the greatest T.V. show ever, Glee. Basically, my mum noticed I was different and suspected there was something wrong with me. The school doctor diagnosed me with dyspraxia and accused my mum of being mental. My parents were angry and adamant that it was more serious. And that’s what you missed on TAWB! Just go back and read it if you don’t understand.

I felt ill on a Thursday and vomited what appeared to be Tuesdays partially digested dinner.  I was immediately taken to the GP’s and the doctor referred me to a food specialised at Watford General Hospital. A week later, at the appointment, the dietician noticed I wobbly on my feet and asked if I always walked like that. My mum said “hallelujah!” She was overjoyed that somebody else had finally noticed. The specialist proceeded to examine my spine before saying that he wasn’t sure what was wrong with me, but would write a letter to my GP.  He then looked at my stomach and told me that the vomiting was probably a “one off” circumstance and therefore there was nothing to worry about. 

A few weeks later we received a letter intended for my GP, but wrongly mailed to my house. It outlined that the Doctor at Watford suspected that I may have Friedrich’s Ataxia and recommended that I be sent for further tests at Great Ormond Street Hospital. I was aged nine.

After I completed the tests, it was confirmed that I had Friedrich’s Ataxia. We had never heard of it and made the mistake of looking the condition up on the Internet when we got home. This scared us as it listed all the worst-case scenarios, and awful things that could happen to me in the future. ..

The third and final part of the story that takes me, up to now, a 19-year-old ‘Wheelchair Boy’, is to be continued tomorrow.

Keeping with the Glee theme, my daily plea to get more votes will be in the form a song. Please help me, it has slowed down recently (haven’t even reached the 200 mark yet). Just click on this link, click the pink ‘Vote’ button, type in your E-Mail and then confirm it by going to your inbox. Nothing complicated and best of all, it’s free! The lyrics fit so perfectly

Bye for now!

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