Monday, 25 March 2013


One of the things I miss about University was living on my own. Halls may be pretty basic but the experience gave me a taste for independent living and I am desperate to get that back. Not only is it great for a young man to have his own space but also I believe absence does truly make the heart grow fonder. If I’m around my family all the time, I tend to get annoyed and have terrible mood swings. Only seeing them at the weekends (I used to come home for Arsenal at the weekends) helped us become closer and get on better. Now I’m back, I crave having my own space, as sometimes, it’s just too intense. You may argue that I brought the ‘moving back home’ on myself but I weren’t going to carry on living a lie just so I could live away.

Being a ‘Wheelchair Boy’, I have a social worker so soon after leaving Brunel, I told her that I wanted a similar arrangement but in the local area. I still want to see everyone but I don’t want my parents in my face (don’t mean that in a harsh way). Last week, I had a productive meeting and basically, I’m on the look out for two bedroom (one for my PA), ground floor (obviously) flat/apartment to rent.  A company, working on behalf of me, then asks the landlord if adaptations can be made.  In my case, this would mainly be in the bathroom in the form of a wet room, wheel-in shower and handrails.

I am on the council housing list but I’m in category D which is a joke but don’t get me started. So, private ownership it is… well, eventually. At first, I’d rent until I was certain I wanted to stay there for a considerable period of time and could look into buying it outright. All my family know how much I want to have my own place so they are all looking in papers, online and even when they’re out. But, nowhere has caught my eye yet.

It’s a brand new week but I still am on the vote hunt. I have 210 so far. My mum is a bit confused because of all my Facebook ‘friends’, Twitter followers and the article in the Herts Ad (
 but the amount is still relatively small. She told me to remind everyone that they have to confirm their vote via a link sent in an E-Mail which might have ended up in the spam. If you’re at work, then pass this link on to your colleagues please:

Bye for now!

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