Monday, 1 April 2013


My body is constantly changing because of Friedreich’s Ataxia and it has been for most of my life. This is just a fact that I have to live with.  My legs were the first to go as my walking gradually deteriorated until I needed a wheelchair permanently. Then, there is the voice, which has got worse over the years (as I have blogged about.). These two changes have been visibly noticeable but there have been other changes recently. My fingers and toes are curling over which is not ideal but it is not giving me any problems at the moment. My vision isn’t great, especially long distance but again, that is not hindering me yet. However, my hearing is affecting me and I may need to get it sorted.

Tonight’s post may seem random but I thought I’d share with you that I am constantly changing and just when I think I’m used to my voice, my condition strikes again. It is a bit like a physical battle but I’m not going to give because I know I will win.

My eagle-eyed readers (or anyone that has who has visited my blog before and has a brain) will have noticed another change; that the page has undergone a touch of redecoration. Over the weekend, I thought that the layout was a bit tedious, although some may say that my writing makes up for it ;). Anyway, I decided to make the relevant changes today but spent longer on it than I would have liked. There are quite a few choices but I didn’t want to overcomplicate it with psychedelic colour schemes and illegible font. So, I’ve gone for a simple black and white background with a blend of orange. I chose this not to upset any colour-blind people nor do I work for Easy Jet but my favourite colour is Orange. I hope you like what I’ve done with the place and feedback is welcome as ever.

Before I go, my usual reminder that I still need the votes on the BBX. I’ve got 315 so moved up to 6th in Europe but want to get in the top 5.  Just give your friends this link:, tell them to click the vote button, type in their E-Mail and then the important part is to follow the on-screen instructions in order to confirm. Thank you, as Tesco would say ‘Every Little Helps’.

I might not be able to post tomorrow because I am visiting the Formula One factory in Milton Keynes so I am not sure when I will be back. And my friend is coming round in the evening. But, I’ll try to fit it in. I am sure there will be loads to write about.

Bye for now!

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