Wednesday, 27 March 2013

You can't see me...

Yesterday, I made the point that people who patronise me like that steward cannot be blamed for being ignorant because society has made them like that. I have said before that children are not educated and that is a problem. And, I also mentioned the CBeebies presenter but I’d like to explore mainstream media a bit more rather than children’s television. The Leveson Inquiry looked into the culture, practices and ethics of the British press and highlighted the problems that needed to be changed. I’m not saying a public investigation into the media coverage of disabled people because it doesn’t exist in the first place. All I’m arguing is if there was a distinct lack of women or black people on T.V., there would be public outrage.

I’d like to focus on EastEnders. A primetime soap, which is watched on mass by millions. The BBC is a public-service broadcaster and if media A-Level taught me anything, it’s that all strands of society should be represented because everyone has to pay for a T.V. license, even ‘Wheelchair Boy’. It’s coverage of disability recently has really annoyed me. Every few episodes, you’ll just see a ‘Wheelchair Boy’ in the market. It is as if they push him on, he rolls across the back of the shot and then they lock him up in a cupboard until next time. Do disabled people not eat or drink because I’ve never seen him in the Queen Vic or CafĂ©. And he can’t go clubbing down in R and R.

Actually, I’m being unfair. Patrick was in a wheelchair for 5 episodes. He even had a carer (albeit she was polish which was a bit of a stereotype). But, seriously they need a permanent character and that’s where I come in. Not to be an actor but to write one in. So, if any EastEnders writers are reading, my brain is full of great ideas. I’m a big fan but your ratings are falling and the show needs a fresh character.

Talking of BBC programmes, the episode of The Matt Lucas Awards that I was in the audience for was broadcast last night. I paused it and took a picture of the back of my head (see below). It’s my claim to fame.

The votes are really climbing now. In a day, the total number has gone up by 40 so thanks for the continued support. Here is the link just to make sure that everyone who reads my blog (and likes) votes.

Bye for now!

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