Friday, 5 April 2013

One Step Beyond the man…

Sorry I didn’t manage to blog yesterday but my body wasn’t used to waking up at 7.00 (I’m lazy I know) on Tuesday for Red Bull so I was still overly tired and therefore did not haul myself out of bed until 14.00. By the time I was showered and ready, my friend came to pick me up as I had booked tickets to see Suggs at the Alban Arena.

The actual show didn’t start until 19.30 but it had been arranged for us to sit in on the sound check and then meet him after. We spoke to him briefly but he seemed nervous about remembering the script, as this was only his third date on the tour.  This intrigued me as I thought a man with his experience in showbuisness would be ice-cool but obviously not. He is human after all. Of course, the first thing we done was to get a picture with him (see below) and an autograph. And in the short time we did spend in his company, he did seem very genuine, down to earth and humble (a rarity for musicians).

In-case any of my younger readers (love being patronising, boot is on the other foot) don’t know, Graham ‘Suggs’ McPherson is the lead singer of Ska band Madness. The group came together and were famous in the 80’s. It was way before my time but I can’t get enough and I’ve seen the band live a couple of times. Although he was on his own last night, it was brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The best way to describe it is a live autobiography but with music to help tell the story. Even if you don’t like Madness, the way he talks candidly about raw parts of his life but still manages to make people cry with laughter is worth the admission fee alone. Rarely have I seen an Alban Arena audience so captivated by one man.

After that enjoyable (mostly, I’ll explain another time) evening, I had another exciting time today because I went for a tour of the Harry Potter set at Leavesden Studios. I’ve given away how good it was already but I’ll write more about it tomorrow in my special Saturday blog to make up for my lack of presence. I’ll even share a few photos, which you might like, not because of the scenery but because of me.

I’ve got a busy day of sport tomorrow with Arsenal playing and then Watford on the T.V. Sandwiched in between is the Grand National, which is sort of a family tradition. Unfortunately, there is no horse called ‘Wheelchair Boy’ but if you do want a tip linked to me, go for ‘Treacle’. It is my favourite word as I am a cockney geezer.

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