Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I love ‘watching’ the ladies…

Who doesn’t? Don’t worry; tonight’s blog isn’t about my general fondness of the opposite sex although I could easily write a post praising the female form. I could then follow it up by listing the faults that women have (and there are many). But it is before the watershed (well it was when I wrote this) so I’ve go to keep it clean and avoid the casual sexism (too late).

Last night, I went to ‘watch’ the mighty Arsenal Ladies thrash Birmingham City 6-0 in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup, a feat that the men failed to achieve only 2 years ago in the Carling Cup final (apologies for bringing that up but it’s still a raw wound that hurts). It is becoming a regular date in my diary (the only date I’m going to get). I ‘watched’ the Champions League quarterfinal at Boreham Wood a couple of weeks ago and I’m going again to the semi-final on Sunday.

I’m using the word ‘watch’ loosely because any word that means ‘ogle’ can be substituted in and the sentence would still remain factually correct. The team play majestic football and are very entertaining with the pace of Gemma Davison particularly catching my eye for the second match running. Aside from the match, the perv inside me did enjoy the subs warming up in front of my sight line, especially when they were doing stretches and bending over (I realise I sound like a disgusting human being so I’ll stop).

The game was at Bishops Stortford FC for some reason but for a non-league stadium, it was much better than Meadow Park (Boreham Wood). I had my own ‘special’ place again (see below) and although I seem quite isolated, I was very happy to be undercover as it was raining all night. I think Boreham Wood should have a mini wheelchair terrace because if it rains on Sunday, I’m stuffed.

Only a few more of these voting reminders to go until the competition ends on Monday so if you’re getting fed up, so not long. In my defence, I wouldn’t need to go on about it all the time if everyone who reads the blog voted. The total has gone up by a massive 1 since yesterday so it now stands at 329 votes. Thank you to whoever that was but can everyone who reads this please share the link for one final push:

Bye for now!


  1. Voted for you mate being a fellow GOONER and someone who also enjoys the LADIES..

  2. Aha thank you very much! Glad of the support!