Thursday, 11 April 2013

Taking my time…

I am just a big girl. You all had your sneaking suspicions what with my favourite colour being pink, having a JLS poster in my room and being a massive fan of Glee. Yesterday confirmed it though. I finally went to the Galleria to buy a new coat because I ripped the old one when pulling it on (a typical ‘Wheelchair Boy’ problem) and the hole was getting slightly ridiculous. The reason I must be a lady in disguise is the amount of time I spent in one small shop. Any other man would enter the shop, pick up a coat, maybe try it on and then pay. But not me.

There were only a small section of jackets and I dismissed most of them because I did not like the buttons (even though I already own clothes with that style) or I thought the tag on the shoulder would break easily (it would because it was a security purposes, not for decoration). Just like a woman, I had my blonde moment, which I thought I’d share so people can have a good laugh at my expense. After narrowing it down to 2, I had a decision to make but instead of being a man about it, I took the easy option and went for both.

I then changed my mind about the buttons and began to consider a third coat but it is supposedly nearly summer so 2 are more than enough. Just before I got to the till, a mannequin wearing a body warmer caught my eye. I deliberated (hard and long) whether to purchase but the £40 price tag ended my interest. I finally got out of there after an hour of indecisiveness, which put my gender in doubt.

Today, I realised that I must be a man. Not from simply looking down below but how I was acting whilst having my haircut. Fair enough, I do go to a salon, which may seem feminine but would a girl just sit there surveying the room and rating all the women out of 10. I don’t know how women have a good gossip when they are having a hair cut. I just love to sit there in my own bubble without striking up conversation. Call me unsociable but I prefer it that way. I find it quite relaxing.

I know that there is only a few days left of voting for my blog in the Big Blog Exchange but what has annoyed me is the fact that I have nearly 2.000 followers on Twitter and over 800 friends on Facebook but have only managed 335 votes, not even an 1/8th of my social network contacts. Please ignore this if you are a genuine person who likes me and has helped. I’ve said this so many times but I truly do appreciate it.

Bye for now!

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