Friday, 12 April 2013

Bitter sweet…

I may seem a sweet and innocent boy who wouldn’t hurt a fly but sometimes I can say vindictive things, which is out of order. I’d like to use this post as a public apology for my nasty side from time to time aimed at my nearest and dearest. As you all have gathered, I’m a wimp and am not violent at all but you’ve also hopefully realised I’m quite good with words so have been known to deliver a few torrents of verbal abuse (not just aimed at Ashley Cole). I like to think of myself as an all round good person but sometimes the devil inside is woken, partly because I’m a teenager (can’t be using that excuse for much longer) and because of my disability.

The second point is not about me moping around and feeling sorry for myself because I am genuinely not that kind of person. Some of my behaviour cannot be excused but I feel talking about my coping mechanism (or lack of) helps to explain why what I say can appear malicious. Psychology students should sit up and take notice. I don’t cry often and tend to bottle up my feelings, which means that I can find it difficult to control my emotions. I always have and cannot change. I just want people to be aware that I don’t mean any of my outbursts.

I realise that this post is weird and gives the impression I’m mental but I just remember reading that ‘Ataxia affects attitudes’, which confused me because the condition doesn’t affect the brain. But, it struck me that my changing attitudes stem from Ataxia and the way that I have dealt with it internally.

Don’t worry; I had one of my crying sessions last night so I should be OK for a few months. I feel better for it and revitalised for the big day tomorrow.  If you are new and not aware that I am going to be official ball carrier, read my post from last week:

Amongst my excitement, I cannot leave this blog without reminding every last one of my readers to vote for ‘Wheelchair Boy’ on the Big Blog Exchange by heading to:
It is the final weekend so please tell everyone you know to do so too.  I have 340 votes at the moment and as I was reminded earlier, number 1 in the UK. What matters is that I am 6th in Europe but I’d like to  be greedy, although it could be too late, and end up 5th when it closes on Monday  Thanks in advance.

Bye for now!


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