Monday, 8 April 2013

Guestbook- Entry 1

My name is Sabrina and I blog over at Cattails + Cardigans ( I stumbled across this blog while taking a look at the Big Blog Exchange website + voting for his blog to get the chance to win (and you should too!) Glen + I have something in common, both being in a wheelchair and I thought it would be awesome to hear his story.

Being a reader of this blog- you know Glen's story + why he is in a chair. However, we both have totally different stories. I was injured in a car wreck last June. I rolled my 2001 blazer while heading to work. The impact broke my back and caused spinal cord damage, instantly paralyzing me from about my hips down. I had back surgery to repair my back + place rods in my back. The doctors told my parents that my chances of walking again are slim- but because I am young, it could happen. I've always been a fighter + I refuse to just give up because the odds are against me. I mean- I shouldn't have lived through my car wreck + if not walking is the worst that's going to come from it- I think I'm pretty lucky.

Since my wreck, I've learned a lot of things + that's what my blog is about. I write mostly about my daily life + I just started a new series tackling any questions/concerns I get from people on a regular basis called ‘Paralyzed Diaries’ (hwttp:// I enjoy sharing my stories with others in the hope that I can help someone else out there that are in similar place as me. I know how scary it was for me at first + I had so many questions I wanted answers to so I reached out to people online + have met some amazing friends through it all.

I hope that you take the time to stop by my blog + take a peep around. I would love to talk to all of you and meet some new amazing friends. I'm currently hosting a giveaway on the blog for some free ad space, some hair ties + a 30$ amazon gift card until April 15, 2013.
Here's the link: Don't forget to vote for this blog on the Big Blog Exchange (

It’s obvious from reading this post that Sabrina is an amazing person and her blog is definitely worth a read. I did a guest post yesterday, introducing myself to her readers and explaining why I have tremendous respect for all she does (

Hopefully this will be the first entry of many into the guestbook. Just E-Mail if you’re interested. Being in a wheelchair isn’t a stipulation so don’t be put off. You could write about things you’ve learnt from this blog or maybe someone you know is disabled. Perhaps, you have a rather different perspective on life and want a platform to air your musings. As long as it’s thought provoking (even though not all of mine are), I’ll publish it.

Bye for now!

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