Monday, 22 April 2013

Nothing's simple...

My grievances with the parking ticket I received, which were highlighted by an article and editorial comment in last week’s Herts Ad, got me thinking how everything to do with disability is a constant fight. I weren’t just trying to be let off this one time but instead, pointing out that the rule is absurd and therefore needs to be changed. However, a strongly worded letter is not enough for the council to listen to take note. They’re forcing me to build up a campaign, which began with me going to the press.

Throughout my life, everything has come about because of a battle. There are too many examples to illustrate this but I’m going to focus on my secondary school. Only a few know the truth so this may come as a surprise. My brother went to Sandringham so it is obvious to think that I had no problem getting in. This wasn’t the case. Certain members of the school (shall remain nameless) didn’t want me to go. I wasn't in a wheelchair yet but I was getting there so adaptations would have to be made and I would just be such a pain.

The council were also against my choice.  They were desperate for me to go to Beaumont or Marlborough but I just didn’t get the same feeling when I visited those schools. What it boiled down to was money. Herts County Council didn’t want to invest in ramps. My parents didn’t give in and continued to argue the case. I recall one planning officer (shall also remain nameless because I don’t remember his name) turning to my dad and saying, “I really don’t like you”. Just for making a perfectly good argument.

My parents won that particular battle in the end and the ramps were installed. But, what if my mum and dad didn’t stand up for what they believe in? I would’ve been sent to a school I didn’t choose. Not everyone can stand their ground. My original point was that change does happen after the arguments but there is no need for it to be so difficult. I am an adult so it’s down to me to fight my own battles but I don’t want a life of endless arguments. Also, there is more than meets the eye. The garage at home didn’t become my bedroom overnight. Again, my parents had to fight for years and convince those in power that having a downstairs room was much better than putting a lift in.
Here is that article from the other day (awkward how they keep saying I'm a student 

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