Monday, 15 April 2013

The start of a dream…

Saturday was that day I thought would never happen. Growing up, I was desperate to be chosen as a mascot but that was a random selection of however many Junior Gunners there are so I always knew it was unlikely. I had more chance of winning the lottery. The only other way I could emerge from the tunnel on a match day was if I became a footballer. Soon realised that weren’t going to happen what with the disability. The dream was dead…or was it.

When I was asked to be the Official Match Ball carrier (ooooooo Matron) a few weeks back, I immediately replied yes. Little did I know that this responsibility would make me so nervous. Friday night was like waiting for Christmas, I was giddy with excitement and anticipation.  When Saturday eventually arrived, I had butterflies, which intensified as the day went on. I even struggled to eat my pre-match burgers which proves how bad I felt.

My brother and I were told to go to the Media entrance at 13.15 sharp where a member of staff took us through to the car park. We, along with some other disabled supporters and some competition winners, were told to wait behind a cordon to watch the coaches arrive and players enter the stadium. First up: Norwich and no disrespect but I was struggling to recognise most of their team. However, I did spot Delia ‘Let’s be having you’ Smith in the background making her way to the director’s box.

Then, it was the Arsenal coach, which was greeted by woops, and cheers. I knew all the players of course but was not allowed to stop them for a picture or autograph because they were in the zone.      To be honest, most had headphones on so wouldn’t hear anyway. It was surreal being so close to the people I watch every week but it was a bit like an expensive shop. Look but don’t touch. It may seem harsh but it’s good really. Want them to remain focused on the task ahead.

We relaxed in the players lounge watching T.V. as there was still an hour until kick-off. There was a couple of girls chatting (I presumed they were WAGs but couldn’t be sure) a few men at the bar (maybe family and friends). I was given a programme so that I could read the bit about me. Someone told us it had started raining which was typical. With 20 minutes to go, we were called to the back of the tunnel in preparation for my big moment.

I’ve decided that you will have to wait until tomorrow’s post to find out what happened and how I felt when I came out of the tunnel.  There will be some pictures  and videos to follow. However, hopefully Arsenal will send me clearer ones in the future that I can share. 

There were spam problems yesterday on the Big Blog Exchange so at one point, I was 18th in the world. I couldn’t believe it and rightly so . Everything is back to normal and I have reverted back to being 37th overall. As a result, the voting deadline has been extended to tomorrow at midday? You know what that means? People can still get their last minute votes in. I won’t move up to 5th but I’d like to secure the 6th spot in Europe (

Bye for now!


  1. Congrats on your success mate! I wish you the best in the contest! Cheers