Tuesday, 30 April 2013

What’s the rush?

The old cliché of ‘You Only Live Once’ is banded around a lot but the majority of people appear to ignore what this means. It is a motto that I follow and urge others to because we’re all mortal (eventhough some like to think they’re invincible) so death is inevitable. Apologies for that depressing thought but anyone who has lost someone close to them will know that it makes you realise how precious life is.  Having a ‘life-limiting’ condition might be another reason why I tend to live for the day.

That brings me onto my thought for the day. Time goes by too quickly. When I think of friends and family who are no longer with us, it feels like yesterday I was in their company. Same with my walking. It doesn’t seem almost eight years since my first day at Secondary School when I could just about walk around campus. Therefore, I don’t know why people rush through life. No job or journey is ever that important (apart from a life or death situation).

Coming home from the football every week proves my point. There are always a few who try to get out of the area quickly by pushing through crowds. They’d argue that otherwise the traffic would build and life is too short to be caught up in congestion. However, I say that people are potentially making life even shorter with the stress of rushing and making a quick get away in a car. Same with buses. No point in running after it. Just wait for the next one to arrive. I’m no doctor but living life at speed cannot be good for the heart.

My second example again flags up that there is simply no need to rush. I was making my way into McDonalds last week and I stopped to let this disabled girl pass. She needed someone to help her walk and was quite slow but no problem. I am empathetic (obviously) and it was sunny so I was enjoying waiting outside. Then, a woman came along saying “can I get through” and proceeding to walk past. I was so angry. Anyone could see that I was politely giving the girl space, not just sitting there for the fun of it. Also, were they going to suddenly run out of Big Mac’s if she had to wait for a moment? Unbelievable, peope make you sick.

That is why ladies and gentleman, rushing in life (apart from an emergency) is stupid and makes no sense.

Basically, my overall message for the day is not to rush, take in your surroundings and, without sounding like an idealistic hippy, enjoy it while you can.  If I had known Arsenal weren’t going to win the league again for years, perhaps I would’ve celebrated harder in May 2004.

Bye for now!


  1. I need to follow this! I live my life like it's one big rush really, but it's not necessary (and people tell me all the time to slow down). It's very easy to forget that life is precious and we should make the most out of it, rather than worrying about trivial things all the time and mulling over things. Thanks for the great words, will definitely be following your advice! x

    1. Yes, times flies otherwise. Slow down and take it in. Feels like yesterday we were in year 7. Glad to be a sort of wise master aha x