Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Playing up…

Sometimes in life, I just can’t be bothered to fight against ignorance and change the way people see disabled people. Mostly, if I’m feeling patronised, I’ll impose myself and take control of the conversation to illustrate that I am an ordinary adult. Like today when I went and joined the gym. At first, the woman seemed to be addressing my carer but I spoke up so she knew that it was ‘Wheelchair Boy’ who was interested in signing up. After that, the conversation was fine and I didn’t feel belittled. I felt I had made her see me, rather than the disability, which is my overall desire.

However, when people are constantly staring at you or giving a special nod, I’ll just admit that I get fed up and give them what they expect. For example, on Monday at the football, I was getting a few looks so I just began shouting ‘handball’ at really random moments. Those who believed I had a mental disability before certainly were sure of it now. Another example where I’ve just gone with it and played up because people think I’m special anyway is earlier  in the park. A woman gave me a funny look so I started singing ‘If you’re happy and you know it’. That frightened her and made her walk away sheepishly.

Now, you might say why do I pretend to have a learning disability? Surely the physical one is bad enough? Yes, but I do it just to humour me and keep me sane. Otherwise, I’d have all this anger towards ignorant people, which is not healthy. Think of society as one big game. I’m trying to change it for the better gradually but occasionally, it is more fun to join in and play along. Also, it’s easier to fit into stereotypes than challenge them. There are times when I’m quite content for people to see me as different so that I don’t have to speak to them. It sounds anti-social but in a way, I’m quite lucky I can pick and choose who to communicate with.

Bye for now!

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