Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Let’s feel sorry for him…

For as long as I can remember, I have always got pity. Whether it be the clumsy way I used to walk and inevitably fall over or the mere fact I use a wheelchair. It has been a constant throughout my childhood but now I’m grown up (mostly), I feel this should stop.  I realise that people think they’re being kind and caring but I don’t want the pity. We are all human beings after all and I’m just a normal 19 year old. Whether I am seen as one or not, the law states that I’m an adult so I just want to be treated like one.

Don’t judge me by looks and think he’s in a wheelchair so must have a tough life. Obviously, it is difficult sometimes but it is like that for everyone, disabled or not. Life is a game and it’s all about how you play it (I’ve sort of nicked that off Triple H wrestling fans). I don’t ever feel sorry for myself so others shouldn’t. Also, when I do get patronised or treated differently because I’m a ‘poor boy’, it is laughable and I end up pitying them for being complete morons.

The pat on the head is probably the most common greeting from those who feel sorry for me. But, the new phenomenon that I have noticed since I turned 18 is the amount of sympathy that is frequently dished out in nightclubs. Whether it be a random stranger coming up to me and shaking my hand (the equivalent would be high fiving a toddler) or a girl giving me a lap dance, kissing me on the cheek and then walking off (don’t be getting my hopes up). I know why they do it. It makes them feel better about themselves and they think it’s amazing that ‘Wheelchair Boy’ is out having a good time.

Like I said, simply no need, as I am just a normal person. And if the girls are doing it as dares (they’re definitely not hitting on me), shame on you. No wonder I am single and cannot tell if a girl likes me. So, think again. Only legit lap dances wanted.

However, I don’t mind a good old-fashioned sympathy vote on the Big Blog Exchange. The number of votes has basically stopped recently at 328. The time is running out quickly as voting closes on Monday. My aim is to be in the top 5 in Europe, which is only one place away. Do whatever you can with this link to get more support: http://www.bigblogexchange.org/blog/72005

Bye for now!

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