Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Can’t wait…

As everyone knows, Arsenal is my life. I have a Season Ticket for home games and also go to most away matches. Whether you think I am sad or not, no one can deny that this is a fact. Growing up, my dream was to lead the team out either as the captain or a mascot but the nightmare that is disability put an end to those aspirations. Some probably heard about this next news on Twitter but I thought I better wait for more clarification until I formally announce it. Before our next home game against Norwich City, I will come as close as I’ll ever get to having my wish granted.

Last Wednesday evening, I got a message out of the blue from Alun Francis (Disability Liaison Officer) asking if I would like to be official match ball carrier on Saturday 13th April. I accepted but thought it must be an early April fools joke. A week later and it turns out it was true. I am so excited. Basically, the players will enter the pitch and I’ll have to give the ball to the referee before kick-off.

My brother will have to push me so that I can concentrate on holding the ball. I have been pitch side before but that was with a group of people to present a cheque to G.O.S.H. following my skydive. That was 20 minutes before kick-off so the ground was still half empty. Hopefully, it will be full with a buzzing atmosphere (doubtful at the Emirates) and the chant pf ‘One Wheelchair Boy’ will reverberate around the place.

I will have to get practising handing over the ball, which sounds insane, but to someone with Ataxia, it’s not. I want my big moment to go perfectly so that it can be shown on the T.V.

It will be 2 days before the voting is stopped for the Big Blog Exchange on the 15th April so will be one last chance to try and get more support. Once again, a huge thank you everyone who has voted for me. I cannot express how grateful I am and touched by the response (I make it sound it like a plea to find a missing person). When I ask people to vote via this link:, I’m not speaking to the majority who have probably done so but instead aiming this message at any one-off or new readers. Please take a moment to vote, I’d appreciate the help.

Bye for now!


  1. How awesome for you! Even if it's a shame you support
    Hope you enjoy it and I have voted for you.

    Thanks for linking me to your blog - I enjoyed chatting on BBN.

    - Danielle.

    1. Thanks for voting and likewisw. Great to meet you and read your blog :)

  2. Fantastic! bet you can't wait :D xx

    1. It was amazing. I'll blog about it tomorrow :) xx