Monday, 6 January 2014

It’s 2014…

Welcome back to ‘The Adventures of Wheelchair Boy’ (#TAWB) and the first post of the New Year following a two-week festive break. I hope that all my readers, new and old, had a great Christmas (like me) and a brilliant New Year (unlike me). I am such a good boy so, as is always the case, Santa was extremely kind to me and brought me loads of presents. My birthday or ‘Glen day’ as I have decided to call the 30th December was also great as I said goodbye to being a teenager and hello to being 20.

Then came the day I’m not really a fan of. It’s a little celebration called New Year’s Eve. Every turn of the year, I should be grateful that I am still alive but instead I end up getting depressed because I think about noteworthy achievements in the previous 12 months. Considering I dropped out of University and became even more of a reclusive loser than I was before, I counted none. So, to distract myself from reflecting upon a mediocre year (the holiday in Spain was the highlight), I planned to go out and party. However, I had yet another cold so didn’t have the energy to go clubbing.

The only positive about a quiet night in was it allowed me to sure up some resolutions for 2014. I know it’s cliché but when Big Ben chimed at midnight, I thought to myself “New Year, New Me”. Most probably won’t happen but I’ve set myself various targets, from getting a girlfriend (I say this every year) to writing a book on my father’s life to getting fit and losing weight. My ambitious list doesn’t stop there and at the moment, I feel quite positive about achieving them all. Whether that is wishful thinking I am not too sure.

One resolution is to do with this blog. I sort of went off the boil towards the end of last year and I want to be more in touch with you, my beloved reader. As a result, I vow to post every day of the week but if I’m busy and don’t have time; it will just be a picture/video/link with a line or two of text. I also want to get readers involved by having more guest posts (I’ve only had 2 so far). Please get in touch if you’re interested.

Bye for now!

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