Friday, 24 January 2014

3 days without a shower…

This afternoon, ahead of going to watch Arsenal’s 4th round FA Cup tie against Coventry at the Emirates Stadium tonight, I’ve got to pick up a 72-hour heart monitor from the hospital. My consultant said the situation was stable last time I saw him but just wanted to check if I was going in and out of AF without realising. Anyway, the ECG doesn’t concern me because it’s just a few stickers on my chest with wires coming out. I’ve had tapes before (granted they’ve only been 24 hours) and there has been no problems.

However, as regular readers will remember, I’m a bit of a clean freak. Not being able to shower for three mornings in a row will be torture. Yes, I’ll be able to have a hand wash by the sink but everyone knows that is not the same. For me, it feels like I’m not a human if I don’t shower. Take Christmas as an example. Normal people get up, have breakfast, open presents and don’t even worry about having a wash/getting ready until the afternoon. ‘Wheelchair Boy’ likes to be different though. My body will not function unless I shower as soon as I wake up. That’s why this weekend will be hell on earth personally.

Let’s just hope Arsenal win this evening to take the edge off and so that my heart rate doesn’t go through the roof.

Bye for now!

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