Wednesday, 15 January 2014


That word can be attributed to many things in my life. Whether that be the various football teams I have selected online, Arsenal winning the league this year, my dream girlfriend or world peace. None of them are real and probably won’t happen but that’s the thing about fantasies, there is a chance (however slim) it might become a reality. A fantasy of mine has always been to come out onto the pitch with the Arsenal team and I finally realised that last year so it gives me hope that dreams can come true. I’d like to tell you about one particular fantasy I have. Don’t worry, it’s not sordid.

Don’t judge me but I’d quite like to go on Big Brother. Not just for the money or the fact I’m a media whore (what my cousin calls me) who wants to be famous but think about all the exposure disability would get. ‘Wheelchair Boy’ would become a household name or at least that’s how my fantasy goes. Being on a show that reaches millions of viewers would do far more to make people less ignorant than this blog ever will. Not only would I get a lot out of it but the producers would be shrewd to select me because I think having their first wheelchair-bound housemate would create intrigue and definitely boost ratings.

However, I am not applying this year because my little brother (who rose to fame with some deranged humping in our Harlem Shake video) wants to enter as a double team when he is 18. It works out well because I’ll need a carer in the house and he’s a ready made one. His birthday is in July that means we won’t audition until 2016. Anyway, I don’t think they’d accept me because the house would have to be made accessible but you never know, fantasies can happen.

Bye for now!

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