Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Growing a beard…

After getting my haircut last Wednesday, I felt there was still something missing from my new suave and sophisticated look. I’ve got the glasses (I need to start remembering to wear them) if I’m going for the cute nerd look. However, I’m fed up of constantly looking like a choirboy. How can people respect you if you look like you haven’t been through puberty? So I concluded that a bit of facial hair might help the situation and make me look rugged. I’m not talking full beard but more designer stubble because that’s what all the cool kids do. It’s been less than a week but already it’s starting to take shape and I definitely feel more manly.

I tried to upload the pictures directly on here but I don’t know how to get my photos off Instagram (I’m new to it) so here is the link if anyone is interested in monitoring how much it grows everyday: http://instagram.com/goonerglen1
5 days growth don’t sound a lot but for someone who is used to shaving all the time otherwise they feel dirty, this is landmark territory. It is starting to get a tad annoying but I think the rugged look will be worth it.

My ill-mannered friend decided to write a little message at the end of this post but I have slightly tweaked it.  He wanted to embarrass me by telling everyone his beard is far superior to mine and the most frustrating thing is that he did his by accident after leaving his shaving gear down at University. The thing is he has had the entire Christmas break to grow it and he still looks like an unwashed vagrant. Not forgetting that its ginger.  Looks like I’ll be getting all the women while he’ll be getting all the flies. ‘Wheelchair Boy’ has the last laugh… yet again.

Bye for now!

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