Thursday, 23 January 2014

Already searching for a holiday…

It’s still January but I’m already longing for a summer break. The cold weather makes my life horrible. I’m either constantly miserable because of the wintery conditions or ill due to the flu whom I think my body is having an affair with, what with the bug coming back all the time. I know I went away last June/July for the first time in 8 years so should be grateful but ever since touching down in Luton, I’ve wanted to go away again. Replace the ‘s’ in sun with an ‘f’ and what do you get?

Most of you are probably wondering why, seeing as I don’t have a job, I’m waiting until the summer to go on holiday. The answer is Arsenal. People won’t understand but I’m totally committed. It is sad but they are part of who I am. If I do get married, everything to do with the wedding will be arranged so that there are no clashes. If a woman can’t take that, she can leave (bachelor club forever). Sounds strong but I think that illustrates how much the Football Club means to me. I’m not going to miss a match if I can help it, especially as we might win a piece of silverware come May.

The 11 days in Spain last year were brilliant and just what the doctor ordered. However this time, I want to turn the notch up a bit on both the air miles and the temperature. I’m talking California baby (I think there’s a law that you have to say it like that), more specifically Los Angeles A.K.A. the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. I release it will be unbelievably hot in June but I have no problems with that. In fact, that’s the reason I want to go. I want an amazing golden suntan to go with my chizzled good looks and toned body. Another reason I’m thinking of visiting the beaches of L.A. is the hotter the weather, the less clothes women will be wearing. Happy days.

Right, I better get back to looking for a villa with a private pool. Easy to find in the City of Angels but as I have mentioned before, it’s a bit more of a problem when looking for disabled friendly places to stay. The amount of villas I’ve seen listed as wheelchair accessible but without a downstairs bedroom/bathroom is ridiculous. What is the good of that? Anyway, please contact me with any information if you or anyone you know is disabled and have stayed in America before. The Internet is vast and it’s throwing back way too many results when I search.

Bye for now!

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  1. IF you didn't love him already you will now.............
    I don't want to embarrass him with figures but if you check you can see how generous your Wheelchair Boy really is....