Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas shopping…

After a gruelling trip to Watford yesterday, I realise them two words do not go together. I normally can’t get enough of retail therapy but I can now understand why Father Christmas is an alcoholic. Talk about unnecessary stress. Shopping is fun when it’s for me (selfish I know) or if I know what to get but at Christmas, I have no idea. I get like a child and write a list but at least then, it is clear for everyone to see the presents that I desire. I wish the rest of my family would make a list so that I cannot go wrong.

The money side of Christmas has also got to me this year. Not just all the ways that companies try to squeeze every last penny out of what is essentially a Christian festival but the fact that all the gifts that I purchased yesterday will be half price on Boxing Day, which particularly bugs me. Let’s just do away with giving presents and just enjoy each other’s company (not forgetting the tradition of eating like pigs). Buy everything on your wish list in the January sales. Think about all the money we’d save.

Anyway, the best day of the year is a week Monday (my birthday). December 30th is a time where we can reflect on another great year for ‘Wheelchair Boy’, Let’s face it, every birthday is special because it means you’re still alive and that alone is worth celebrating. The next evening is New Year’s Eve. A chance to rebrand myself from boy into man. Set resolutions that will be forgotten within a month.

I might blog in the next couple of weeks so do check but if not, I will definitely be back in 2014.

I’ll end this festive post by wishing you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

Bye for now!

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