Friday, 10 January 2014

This week…

I went on Twitter this afternoon to see what’s going on in the world. I saw that the fame hungry moron that is Katie Hopkins, who has made many ridiculous and controversial comments before including the fact that she hates geographical child names eventhough her daughter is called India, was trending. I clicked on her name to see why and read an article, instructing me to watch This Week from last night (Thursday) to see some terrible views on disabled people who get benefits. I urge you all to do the same:

I am strongly against hitting women but Katie Hopkin’s face is so punchable. I don’t know if the Sun columnist (says all you need to know about her)
is acting up to the cameras or genuinely believes all the bile that spews from her mouth. Either way, the controversial remarks she made last night were very hateful and reinforced my theory that if people like her ran the country; they’d kill off all disabled people. One of her most outrageous points was “We have to take a much firmer line on people who are on disability benefits”. That is clearly the voice of someone who is ignorant and probably hasn’t met a disabled person in their life.

Yes, as you have all guessed, I am on benefits. It’s a need though, not a want. In fact, I’ve worked out getting a 9-5 job would be better financially so the majority (there are exceptions like all things) of people would never choose a life on the doll. I know that from the outside, there are people who see me as a lazy scrounger and don’t understand my disability prevents me from getting a normal job. I find it a struggle to get through the day, let alone working on top of that. The fact that small-minded idiots like Katie Hopkins need to grasp is that being disabled is not a lifestyle choice. At the age of 9 (when I was diagnosed with FA), I did not suddenly turn around and say “I want to be a full-time Wheelchair Boy when I’m older”.

Speaking of weeks, when I said I’d blog every day, I meant Monday-Friday because my weekends consist of football, football and more football (either live or on the T.V.). I occasionally like to paint the town red so probably wouldn’t get time to post.

Bye for now!

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