Monday, 27 January 2014

Given the run around…

Not for the first time, my parents and I have been frustrated by Hertfordshire wheelchair services. Nothing new but I’m still dumbfounded by their sheer incompetence and the lack of ‘service’ that they actually give, contrary to the name. The recent set of problems began a few weeks ago, January 3rd to be precise. My mum phoned up the repair team in late December and they came around a few days later. Quite quick you might think but they didn’t fix the chair. A part would have to be ordered in which would take about a week. Fair enough. You can’t expect them to have thousands of parts ready for immediate use.

They set a date the following week and helpfully told us they would be with us between 9AM & 4.30PM. However, we received a call that evening explaining how they had ordered the part and received it but turns out, it was the wrong one because my chair was ‘exotic’ (eventhough it’s clearly a standard NHS manual wheelchair). Quite clearly, they had mucked up but reassured us that they had now placed the correct order. Little did we know they were lying because about a week or so later, they called to tell us the part had not yet been ordered.

I couldn’t believe it. Why lie? There was no point. This time, they said they had ordered the part but I didn’t believe them. When they phoned up last week and told us that the man would be coming today (Monday), we still weren’t sure whether he would definitely turn up. He did and fitted the part but oh my, what a moron. The idiot said that I had clearly hit something and bent the chassis in an accident. Oh yeah, I forgot about that horrific crash where my chair was severely disfigured but I was unscathed (that’s a joke by the way). Then, he said that my brakes were loose and tightened them so that they’re now rubbing against my wheels.

I really don’t know how cavemen who can barely rub sticks together get jobs, especially in the public sector where disabled people are involved.

Bye for now!

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