Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Wolf of Wall Street…

The awards season is well under way and Hollywood have once again released their annual batch of blockbuster movies to do battle for the top accolades. I have just got back from one of the more controversial films, The Wolf of Wall Street and was completely blown away. I’m not the best person when it comes to reviewing films but the fact that the 3 hours flew by says a lot about the gripping narrative throughout. Leonardo DiCaprio was excellent as usual but the surprise package was Jonah Hill who I didn’t know could act seriously but he soon proved me wrong.

Last night, I read an article speaking about how the Martin Scorsese film has offended some disabled people and received complaints. You can read the article here: http://www.theguardian.com/film/2014/jan/15/wolf-of-wall-street-disability-cerebral-palsy but quite frankly, it’s complete rubbish. Firstly, ‘retard’ is just an offhand comment lightly thrown around by people and should be taken as nothing more than a little jokey phrase. I get that people don’t feel comfortable with it but if you take it as no more than a word, no harm done.

Secondly, when the main character went into a drug induced state and described it as ‘the Cerebral Palsy phase’, I laughed and found that part quite amusing. The reason being is that it highlights how dangerous and stupid drug use is. It’s like when I say that getting ridiculously drunk gives you symptoms of Ataxia. I’m not mocking my condition. I’m just pointing out that in a weird way some binge drinkers are paying to have Friedreich’s Ataxia. Similarly, Scorsese is not poking fun at CP. He is merely suggesting drug addicts get some sort of kick from feeling like they have the condition.

I don’t know how people can complain. I mean in no way does the film glamourize corruptly making money on the stock exchange. The graphic depiction of sex, drugs and what life is like for a rich broker left me contemplating becoming a Monk. The worst part is that these people who have loads of money but absolutely no morals exist in the real world, Some of them own Chelsea Football Club.

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