Friday, 31 January 2014


My second home lately seems to be my lovely Kia Venga. I’m on the road a lot, mostly for the Arsenal, but I’m not complaining. Some people’s idea of hell might be sitting in a car for 5 hours just to watch a football match but I can’t get enough of my Away Days. Even when we lose, I enjoy visiting a place I’m not familiar with because everyone knows that travel broadens ones horizons. I realise that Sunderland is not at all like backpacking across Australia but it’s just as attractive to me. The plus is that talking about cities/towns I have visited makes me sound knowledgeable and well rounded.

Whether it’s a away game up north or a home match at the Emirates, motorways are an integral part of all my journeys. I think I know pretty much all service stations in England and whether they have a KFC, Burger King, McDonalds or all three. I have to say though that most look really similar and it’s difficult to tell them apart. What annoys me the most about services is the extortionate prices for just about everything. I can get petrol for 126.9 per litre in St. Albans but on the motorway where you have no choice, they get away with charging 20p more.

Anyway, my next away trip begins next Friday when we take the trek up to Liverpool. The actual match is on Saturday but it’s a lunchtime kick-off so it’s easier to stay over the night before. I can’t wait.

People who like football (or just want to hear my voice) might be interested to know that as well as writing for The Pub Corner, I am now involved in the podcast. We recorded episode 2 last night if you want to listen:

Bye for now!

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