Monday, 13 January 2014

Internal monologue…

I have a voice in my head. To clarify, it’s not a devil feeding me dark thoughts but more of a narrator commentating on my life. The monologue tends to switch depending on what situation I’m in.

Sometimes it’s a Danny Dyer esque bloke taking the mick out of me for “making a right mug out of myself” when I’m chatting to women. Like the other day, a girl I haven’t seen in ages asked me “what I was doing job wise?” I panic when I hear that question because being a full time ‘Wheelchair Boy’ doesn’t seem to cut it as a profession. Without hesitation, I replied, “writing 2 novels”. Danny (as I’ll call him) chirped up. “What did you say that for you idiot? You haven’t even read 2 novels, let alone writing some”. Goes some way to explaining why I lack self-belief.

Other times it’s a girl bigging me up and giving me compliments. I’ll christen her Lauren for story telling purposes. An example of when the beautiful (I imagine) Lauren speaks to me is when I look in the mirror after styling my hair.  She tells me “how sexy I look” and that “I would get it”. Talk about a confidence boost but unfortunately that only lasts for 5 minutes. Where is Lauren when I’m chatting to girls and need to be less insecure about my appearance?

Hands up if that short post made me sound mental. Well I’m not… yet so cancel the police. I don’t need sectioning. I posted about the narrator in my head just in case other people have an internal monologue. At least you know now you’re not alone. Also, I thought everyone might be amused because it’s a ludicrous concept. The final reason for this random blog is because I couldn’t think of anything decent to write about.  Better than nothing, right?

Bye for now!

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