Thursday, 29 November 2012

It's out...

The Leveson Report was finally published today and it’s clear that my post on Tuesday shaped the content. A tougher system of self-regulation backed by law has been recommended and I feel this is the perfect solution. As I said before, a change to the media is needed but it needs to be independent of politicians and the press itself.  

Some people are sceptical that involving the law will turn the UK into a supressed state such as China and it will be the end of ‘free press’. This is a false mis-conception because it wouldn’t control media output, a law would merely mean that people (Richard Desmond) would not be able to dismiss the Code of Conduct and journalists wouldn’t be allowed to constantly use the public interest argument to get out of trouble.

However, I did say I felt sorry for David Cameron but I no longer do. Although Ed Miliband is exploiting the situation so that everyone turns on the Conservatives, him and the weak-minded individual they call Nick Clegg are right. The proposals should be listened to, and this includes a change in legislation. And this needs to happen soon, why wait?

Overall, as a young journalist, my future depended on this verdict and I am pleased with Lord Justice Leveson’s report, It’s not over yet though and I urge the government once again to act upon the findings. Not only is it in the people’s interests but also your position in Parliament. Failure to follow the advice will definitely lose you the election.

I was going to head up to Westminster to try and put pressure on Cameron. But it’s cold, I got in from Everton in the early hours and I can speak to Ann Maine on Monday.

Bye for now!

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