Monday, 19 November 2012

Changed man...

Many people told me University would help me become an adult. And it has. My confidence has rocketed (hopefully not in an arrogant way) and I’m doing things I wouldn’t have dreamed of a few months ago like interviewing people for articles. This is probably because University doesn’t treat you like a child as school did. My personality is really changing for the better and this added self-belief will certainly help me in my career.

I even can speak to girls without going red. But that is where I still have problems. I’ll tell you a story from my life yesterday. You’ll probably laugh at my flawed thought process and you’re entitled to. It happened at Waitrose. I was waiting for my sister to pay for the shopping and I clocked this attractive girl behind the till. This is where I’m so probably wrong but I thought she was giving me the eye. We smiled at each other but that’s where the story ends unfortunately. I didn’t have the confidence to go back and buy something so I could talk to her.  I am so wrong, aren’t I?

Anyway, I don’t know why I’ve decided to blog about this? Probably because I’ve run out of ideas and you lot would kill me if I failed to post again. And it’s not as if she’ll read this unless… nah, she won’t. I’ve just been watching Serendipity so I’m in a ridiculously stupid romantic mood. I’m going to end yet another blog with The Beatles:

All you need is LOVE
All you need is LOVE
All you need is LOVE, LOVE
LOVE is all you need

Apologies for my absence yesterday. Blame my history essay (which is done now).

Bye for now!

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