Saturday, 17 November 2012

It never gets old...

This time last week, as many of you will know, I was pretty down. Today, I am absolutely buzzing. I still hate the board and know there are massive problems with the club. But, as I have said previously, I have and will always support The Arsenal. The day went like a dream. Arsenal was losing but just like February, we turned the score line around to smash 5pur2. Plus, Mr. Adebayor had to take an early shower (do you reckon he has heard the score?). And United & Chelsea lost so happy days.

Also, I witnessed a new dance craze which, like Gangnam Style, will surely become a worldwide sensation in no time at all. The moves to Tottnum Style are simple. Just make heart shapes with your fingers until the chorus kicks in. Then take your top off and wave it furiously above your head. Remember to do this while jumping up and down. As the song goes on, stay quiet and return to the shadows. Before the song ends, discretely make your way out. I think this will catch on in clubs or at least the ones I go to.

Right, I’m going back to do my essay (who am I kidding). Too busy listening to Hey Jude on loop.

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Na Na Na Na Na Na,
Na Na Na Naaaaaaaaaaaaaa,
GIROUD! (repeat)

Bye for now!

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